Comments for Guest Demands Stay at Cinderella Castle Due to Park Closure; Dis-Community Responds

Sad Mickey on phone and cruella de vil


  1. In my Etsy shop, I create collectible handpainted Disney characters – perfect during this time of missing out on your Disney vacation.

    I’m taking the proper precautions to sanitize each Mickey that goes into each box as well as packing materials used.

    Just a reminder that we’re all in this together, but it doesn’t have to be riddled with panic. Take care of yourselves and enjoy your family during this time!

    1. Thanks, Chelsey! I hope your shop stays strong during this time! Pixie dust your way and thanks for the encouraging words!

      1. Mark Kaplan

        I don’t know if it real or not, but what is real is individuals like her. My call center deals with them all the time. So to the angry mother (her username says it all), I really don’t know what’s the bigger epidemic, Coronavirus or selfish spoiled entitled Jezebels like her?

        I just want to say her tirade against that cast member is coming from a selfish spoiled brat with daddy issues with an unhealthy Princess mindset who never grew up. And I understand you are entitled to an opinion, but at the same time you called that cast member to fix the situation fully which he did. But that wasn’t good enough for you. You wanted a King’s Ransom because you thought your needs superseded everyone else’s including your children who are equally disappointed during this State Of Emergency. And everyone is saying it that a Disney Park is not what saves marriages, it only has lately bring out misandristes like you their true colors of be self centered cats. And what kind of example are you setting your children when they see and hear you act this way to everyone like that cast member and humiliate your husband on social media like a good little pink ribbon survivor? YOU’RE THE IMAGE!!

        You’re guilty, and you don’t deserve your husband and children. Entitlement is not cute and neither are you.

  2. Angela Ray

    Hou can send me Mickey head rice krispie treats ? that would be wonderful… angie

    1. D Klecker

      Perhaps having Disney channels on cable tv for free so all to enjoy at this time would be a kind gesture on Disney’s part so all can enjoy the magic of Disney?

  3. The Danish Viking

    We were supposed to come from Denmark to Disney World but sadly it got cancelled . We know the next time we come will also be a magical experience. Although we all have to help each other through this crisis no matter if you are in the US or in Denmark I don’t expect special treatment when we go back. Because Disney is not to blame here the people who are to blame is people who don’t think about all the people people who demands and what’s things so people that like this mum. If we all just stay the f*** home and doesn’t spread this disease more there’s gonna be much more Disney for everybody very soon

  4. Kelly R

    As a middle aged white woman myself, I still can’t stop myself from saying “Ok, Karen.”

  5. This woman is CRAZY! This trip was about her, NOT her children or her husband. She should be ashamed of behavior. She should be grateful Disney is even refunding people right now because Disney has NEVER given refunds before to the best of my knowledge.

  6. M

    Demanding and suggesting what you think would rectify the situation always works… stupid

  7. EricJ

    The Psycho-B? WOW.
    I’m old enough to remember “Howie’s Angels” and I thought THAT was the edge of the privileged park-resentful Gimme-mom cliff.
    (CtToI, I didn’t even know the Cinderella suite was still open…We haven’t heard about it since the Year of A Million Dreams, and that was almost twenty years ago.)

  8. Reeny

    WoW!!! Really hope this is fake. Dont this woman realize we could die from this. Someone we love like our older parents who have copd. WTF. Get over it.

  9. Paul

    Fake, otherwise attention seeking over first world issues in which case no one should care about anything apart from how you treat others.

  10. Emily

    I’d say this was fake, but I’ve seen people flip out over coupons. I bet she was much worse than she put in the post.

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