These Disney Parodies Are Just the Soundtrack We Need to Get Us Through the Quarantine; We Can Social Distance!

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Spending so much time at home has Disney fans getting super creative and we are hEAR for it! From hilarious at-home ride re-enactments, Disney memes, to song parodies, the internet is buzzing with Dis-creatives sharing with us their version of the magic, and it’s just what we need in this time of quarantine as we patiently wait to be able to go back inside the magic.

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Clay Agnew, Musician, Producer, and Songwriter at Foxchase shared on his Facebook this brilliant take on Disney’s Hercules song “Go the Distance”, an Alan Menken classic! And it is quickly going viral.

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Hercules high fiving his dad
Credit: Disney

This fan-favorite song never fails to inspire, reminding us we can stay on track and not lose hope even in the midst of challenging times. And we can do so while belting it out in Disney style!

Well, Agnew definitely took some of that inspiration and added quite a bit of humor, to help us get through this quarantine!

Clay Agnew singing from home
Credit: Clay Agnew Facebook

Here are some of the lyrics of Agnew’s quarantine version of Go the Distance:

I will find a way

I can social distance

I’ll be free someday

From staying in my home

I know all the while

People purge the aisles

I will not go anywhere

And stay where I belong

Not only are his lyrics super funny, but can we discuss his vocals? WOW! Keep these coming, Clay! And great job encouraging the Disney community to #socialdistance.

Watch the full video here.

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Are you a fan of Pop music with a Disney twist? Disney streamer Spokesmayne has got you covered! With parodies of pop hits like Old Town Road, and his latest viral video, Disney Take My Money, to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” he’ll having you jamming to your favorite top-40 hits re-imagined with Disney magic. You might even like his versions better. We’re partial to that “Money” vibe. Anyone else feel seen? Same.

You can follow Spokesmayne on these social media outlets:

Last but not least, this viral personality was discovered by none other than Ellen Degeneres. You might have seen him doing video reactions to cooking and fashion shows. But in his latest viral video, he brings us a Disney parody and we are dead.

Check out Kalen Allen do his rendition of Disney’s The Little Mermaid Part of Your Word which he titled: Corona Free (Part of Your World Parody).


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Even though these are very dark times, I thought I’d write a song to bring a little light and humor to the world!

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Have you stumbled upon any other Disney parodies that made you smile? Be sure to share those with us in the comments! We’re all about sharing some Disney magic as we stay home, social distance, and wait this out so we can go back to the magic!

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