Amazing Disney Coronavirus Memes to Help You Chuckle in the Darkest Times

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The Beast keeping toilet paper away from Belle

Look; we here at ITM understand what a frightening time it is out there right now with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing. People are getting sick and the only thing we everyday citizens can do is stay indoors, wash our hands and keep our germs to ourselves. It’s a time defined by uncertainty, worry, and (though it might sound callous), boredom.

No matter how many Disney movies and tv shows are available on Disney Plus, (including a new arrival from Pixar coming soon), it can be tough to find something to smile at when all the media offers is coronavirus news that is sad, grim, horrible … aaand sad again. Heck, even we’ve contributed our fair share of gloomy stories like the closure of all Disney theme parks, most Disney movies like Mulan being pushed back, and various cases of unemployment caused by the virus, in order to keep you informed.

However, we’ve also tried to offer you tips to keep the kids busy, highlighted new services now on offer, and even advised which LEGO sets to build to keep you busy. And if there’s one thing you can rely on the internet to do in a global crisis, it’s make memes about it.

Twitter and Facebook have swarmed with coronavirus memes, particularly around the suggested social isolation measures. Many of these chucklers use classic Disney movies as their template, and well … as Disney fans, they’re pretty funny. So here are some of the best Disney coronavirus memes that we could find.

We first and foremost want to make absolutely clear that there is nothing funny about the virus and the effect it’s having on good people and good companies. However, if we can’t laugh at what an unprecedented and bizarre situation it is for the vast majority of us, what can we do? We in no way mean to make light of the real troubles of those who have the disease, or those who have lost family because of it, we’re simply trying to share a little cheer for all those Disney lovers who are doing their bit to help the human race by staying indoors.

Thank you all. Keep doing what you can, and most of all please continue to be patient and kind. It will get better.

If you’re easily offended or are feeling particularly worried, maybe stop here. If you’re just in need of a good laugh, however, read on.

1.  Social Isolation PSAs from everybody’s favorite Greek Demi-God and Emperor (turned llama).

Hercules and Kuzco signs promoting social distancing and no touching

2. For those still at work, this one is nothing to sneeze at.

Coronavirus meme showing monster being caught3. Anna knows what’s up when you’re finally allowed to leave the house.

Coronavirus meme showing Elsa surprised and a woman opening a window

4. Just when things couldn’t get any worse…BAM; Emperor Palpatine. Next up; Order 66.

Coronavirus meme showing Oscar Isaac looking away

5. And finally; Belle and the Beast explore the difficult relationship goals when toilet paper is becoming rarer and rarer!

Coronavirus meme showing The beast keeping toilet paper away from Belle

What is your favorite Disney coronavirus meme? What are you doing to keep busy during social isolation? Let us know in the comments below. Remember, keep using that hand sanitizer, but when you’re stocking up on food and toilet paper, consider that less advantaged people might need it more.

Source: All images came from the Disney Movie Addicts Facebook page.

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