The Coolest Disney Lego Sets to Get You Through the Coronavirus

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Covid-19, or the coronavirus, has left a devastating trail of damage across the world, both to the health of citizens, and the economic impact of closing theme parks, businesses, and pushing back movies like Mulan.

Another side effect of the coronavirus, (certainly here in the U.K, at least), has been employers urging people to work from home. Indeed, many countries have suggested periods of ‘self-isolation’ in an attempt to contain the virus. Restaurants, bars, and theme parks have closed and people are opting to stay indoors more and more.

We here at Inside the Magic realize that for many people, staying indoors indefinitely sounds like the worst thing possible, so we’re here to offer you an alternative; Disney LEGO! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars-themed LEGO on the market today. If you need something to entertain the kids, (or if you’re like me), the kid inside you; we’ve got you covered. All sets mentioned are available online now at the Disney store.

LEGO Iron Man Hall of Armor Playset – Marvel’s Avengers

Source: Shop Disney.

Price: $59.95

With reports that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest movie has been pushed back, this set could be your key to a Marvel fix for the foreseeable future! Based on the iconic scene from Iron Man 3 where Tony unveils how busy he’s been since 2012’s The Avengers, this set features a number of awesome minifigures of the various different combat armors. This includes a buildable mech and the MK 1, 5, 41, 50, and Outrider suits. Super cool.

LEGO Anakin’s Podrader – 20th Anniversary Playset – Star Wars

Source: Shop Disney.

Price: $36.95

We think that at just over 36 dollars, this one is a total steal. Reconstructing Anakin Skywalker’s iconic podracer from the (let’s be honest) best scene in The Phantom Menace, this LEGO set is a must for fans of the Star Wars prequels. The set is a reconstruction of the same model released 20 years ago and even comes with a limited edition Luke Skywalker minifigure. And man, writing that makes me feel old.

LEGO Disney Castle Playset – Limited Release – Walt Disney World

Source: Shop Disney.

Price: $349.99

So it was either this or the $800.00 ultimate Millennium Falcon set. Whichever one you choose, you’re going to spending a whole lot of cash for one incredible LEGO set. In honor of the sadly empty Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom, we opted to go for this incredible set. A stunning recreation, the set features a load of different rooms, all of which bring the magical castle to life. Only one per customer though, not that you’d need two! Includes minifigures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell.

LEGO Rapunzel Travel Caravan – Tangled: The Series

Source: Shop Disney.

Price: $44.95

Based off of the popular Tangled: The Series, this lovely little cart is the perfect vehicle set to build on a gloomy afternoon. It comes with minifigures of both the titular princess and her friend Cassandra. The detail is lovely and it also comes with a variety of extras, including a bow and arrow shooting range and an adorable Maximus the horse to pull it along. I have a dream, and it’s this set.

LEGO Porg figure – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Price: $79.95

Source: Shop Disney.

The perfect avian companion, this LEGO Porg isn’t just an awesome build; he’s also your new best pal. Brimming with as much character as the space-puffins themselves, this Porg can even open his mouth! He’s lovely and adorable and I want ten. No, 20. No, 10. Seriously, imagine them all lined up on the shelf; my own personal army. Tell me that wouldn’t be amazing. The force is with this incredible figure.

Will you be purchasing any of these Disney LEGO sets to see you through the self-isolation? What is your favorite Disney LEGO set? Share your LEGO ideas in the comments below. 

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