California Governor Recommends No Gatherings Over 250 Due To Coronavirus

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As a follow up to the exemption of Disneyland Resort to the Governor’s recommendations, Disney officials have prudently decided to close Disneyland through the end of March 2020. Please continue to follow our most updated coverage of the issue here:


After our initial publication of this article under the title California Governor Recommends No Gatherings Over 250 Due To Coronavirus; How Does This Affect Disneyland Resort? We now know the impact on Disneyland. Later in the day, California Gov. Gavin Newsom clarified the impact on Disneyland which you can read here in our companion coverage here:

Gov. Newsom: Disneyland will remain open, exempt from ban on large gatherings

Read the rest of the original story here to understand the basis of this ban.

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Late Wednesday night, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a recommendation that all non-essential public gatherings over 250 people should be canceled until at least the end of March due to the spread of the coronavirus. He went on further to detail that smaller events could only proceed if people distance themselves from each other by at least 6 feet. Health officials have called this social distancing. CBS Los Angeles later said, “Disneyland and other large theme parks, theaters and casinos are exempted from his order against gatherings of 250 people or more due to coronavirus due to the “complexity of their unique circumstances”, but discussions remain ongoing.” Governor Newsom spoke with former Disney CEO Bob Iger on the developments but did not go into specifics.

We have seen in several communities that this is best practices, not only when a case of Coronavirus is on hand, but to prevent community spread of illness. “Changing our actions for a short period of time will save the life of one or more people you know,” Newsom said. “Each of us has extraordinary power to slow the spread of this disease. Not holding that concert or community event can have cascading effects — saving dozens of lives and preserving critical health care resources that your family may need a month from now.” –

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California Gatherings Limited By the Governor

This public health policy details that a gathering can include spaces like a stadium arena, conference call, or even something as mundane as a cafeteria, play place or perhaps even a large open mall. The citizens most at risk from Coronavirus seem to be the elderly, whose health conditions put them at risk for any illness, especially something with respiratory concerns like the Coronavirus. California specifically has 181 cases of the coronavirus and four people have died from the severe illness, whereas across the United States of America, there are more than 1400 current cases.

With regard to this new California guideline, we are still waiting on any change in status from the Disney Parks on their stance on Coronavirus.  Despite three or more cases at Disneyland Paris and a rule that bans gatherings over 5,000 people, Disneyland Paris Resort remains open. With the City of Anaheim recommending no gatherings over 250 until March 31, it makes us wonder if Disneyland Resort will face closure soon.

The guideline announcement also does not cover schools, or transit, which is considered essential infrastructure. We have seen similar guidelines to gatherings populate in states like Ohio (which closed schools state-wide for three weeks), Oregon, Washington State and some recommendations in Florida.

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Would you cancel or postpone your vacation with these recommendations? So many states are under a State of Emergency or communities under fire to encourage stricter health guidelines. Travel from Europe has been banned. We’re under a Pandemic from the WHO. The time to look inward and consider each other is now. Perhaps social distancing, even at Disney Parks should be considered. If you find yourself within quarantine or postponing your travel plans, as a lighthearted note, we offer ways to enjoy Disney from home, with Disney movies on Netflix, Disney+ or shopping online!

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