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california no public gatherings


  1. Mark

    All disney parks outside the us are owned and function under the government the parks in the state function under disney company! As long as it reopens by summer i am not concerned! Besides theres a concern for all that other stuff bc your sitting next to someone for hrs! DL and wdw arent concerned bc how long are you really in contact w people for long extended periods of time??? And we are taking events that are hrs long not a 2 min ride!

    1. The person in Boston got Coronavirus at a conference after shaking someone’s hand. ABC/Disney needs to do the right thing and close the Parks. Anyone who has been there knows they cannot enforce a 6 foot perimeter between people no matter how many hand sanitizers are available. Unfortunately corporate $$ talks way too much over USA citizens. I’m sorry if someones vacation is ruined, but lessening un-needed contact is the only way left to keep people from dying in hospital corridors due to lack of beds and more importantly equipment. Rest assured congress will have all needed equipment at their fingertips, however.

      1. Truth be told

        Do you remember swine flu…. no panic no pandemic … 180k dead! Last yr in us alone 80k dead thats the survival rate in china where this started and they are back to normal! So much for dying in hosp halls!

    2. Tara y Terminiello

      you can stand next to someone online for a ride for 2 hours. And every surface you touch can be crawling with germs.

      1. Jamie

        Yea but 2 hrs is nothing the things that are closing are events that are longer than that! And thats a few lines! Honestly i think everyone is going mad had similar illness beginning of yr same time frame compromised immune system i am still alive and grateful the parks are open! I want to live my life!

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