New Merchandise Alert: 26 New Walt Disney World Initial Mugs!

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disney parks initial mugs

Credit: @mugs_of_disney

Mugs galore! Just yesterday, we let you in on the rumored new Starbucks x Star Wars “Been There” coffee mugs and now we have a collection of 26 initial mugs to share. Known as the ABCDisney collection, there’s a mug for each letter of the alphabet, each featuring a corresponding iconic Disney character or attraction. 

So far, these have only been spotted at Walt Disney World. No world on whether or not they’ll be sold on or at Disneyland anytime soon, but we’ll keep you posted if they become available anywhere else. 

This collection is so much fun and offers something for everyone. Literally. No matter what your name is, there’s a mug for you! The mugs have a classic Disney aesthetic that won’t ever go out of style. They would also make amazing gifts for all of your favorite people.

Here’s a closer look at the new mugs, thanks to @magicandwishes and @mugs_of_disney on Instagram!

   “A” is for Adventureland.

Disney Parks "A" mug featuring Adventureland
Instagram: @magicandwishes

 “B” is for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

"B" Disney Parks mug
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“C” is for Cinderella’s Castle.

Disney Parks "C" mug featuring Cinderella's castle
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“D” is for the Dapper Dans.

This Main Street U.S.A barbershop quartet has a cult-like following, but isn’t featured on a lot of merchandise, so this is a fun addition to Disney Parks shopping!


Disney Parks "D" mug featuring the Dapper Dans.
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“E” is for the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Disney Parks "E" mug featuring the Enchanted Tiki Room
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“F”is for Fantasyland.

Featuring Tinkerbell, this mug pays homage to Fantasyland with classic fairytale imagery, including a big top and lots of springtime flowers.

Disney Parks "F" mug featuring fairies (Tinkerbell)
Instagram: @magicandwishes


“G” is for Grumpy.


Disney Parks "G" mug featuring Grumpy
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“H” is for the “Haunted Mansion.”

Featuring the Grim Grinning Ghosts, the collection’s “H” mug is the perfect choice for fans of the super popular Haunted Mansion ride that appears in one form or another in every Disney theme park around the world.

h mug
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“I” is for “It’s a Small World.”

Disney Parks "I" mug featuring It's a Small World
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“J” is for the Jungle Cruise.

With both the Jungle Cruise movie and new board game releasing soon, this mug features everything we love about this classic ride imagined by Walt Disney himself.

Disney Parks "J" mug featuring the Jungle Cruise
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“K” is for Kilimanjaro Safari.

Disney Parks "K" mug featuring Disney's Animal Kingdom
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“L” is for Lion King.

Disney Parks "L" mug featuring Lion King
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“M” is for Main Street U.S.A.

This mug looks like it could have come from a turn-of-the-century cupboard with the cutest Main Street U.S.A. scene featuring a horse drawn carriage and a nostalgic color scheme.

Disney Parks "M" mug featuring Main Street USA
Instagram: @magicandwishes

 “N” is for Finding Nemo.

Disney Parks "N" mug featuring Finding Nemo
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“O” is for Orange Bird.

The ever-popular Orange Bird has been on-the-scene more than ever since last year’s EPCOT sipper. He is rumored to be heavily featured on this year’s Flower & Garden festival merchandise as well!

Disney Parks "O" mug featuring Orange Bird
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“P” is for Peter Pan’s Flight.

Disney Parks "P" mug featuring Peter Pan's Flight
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“Q” is for the Queen of Hearts.

Disney Parks "Q" mug featuring the Queen of Hearts
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“R” is for the riverboat.

Disney Parks "R" mug featuring the riverboat
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“S” is for Soarin’.

Although this mug specifically features Soarin’ Around the World, it is perfect for all fans of the Soarin’ ride, including those who are excited for the limited-time return of Soarin’ Over California at Disneyland Resort.

Disney Parks "S" mug featuring Soarin'.
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“T” is for Tomorrowland.

Disney Parks "T" mug featuring Tomorrowland
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“U” is for Under the Sea.

The only Disney princess featured in this mug collection, Ariel plays the starring role in a scene dedicated to Under the Sea.

Disney Parks "U" mug featuring "Under the Sea"
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“V” is for villains.

Disney Parks "V" mug featuring the villains
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“W” is for EPCOT’s World Showcase.

Disney Parks "W" mug featuring EPCOT's World Showcase
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“X” is for X-marks-the-spot.

A tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean, the “X” mug in this series features fan favorite, Red, the famous dog holding the jail cell keys, and a treasure map in the background.

Walt Disney World initial mugs

“Y” is for yeti.

Disney Parks "Y" mug featuring the Yeti
Instagram: @magicandwishes

“Z” is for Zurg.

Disney Parks "Z" mug featuring Zurg.
Instagram: @magicandwishes

We love sharing new drinkware with our coffee-loving readers. Are you happy with the featured Disney Parks icon on your ABCDisney initial mug?

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