Disney and Universal Attractions Close Due to Freezing Florida Weather

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It’s not every day the Florida theme park attractions close due to cold weather…actually, it doesn’t even happen every month. But we’re in the middle of winter, so if any time would be appropriate for Elsa to cast a spell of frozen flurries descending on central Florida, it would be now, right? Disney and Universal theme parks have announced that they will be closing certain attractions due to freezing Florida temperatures. Here’s what you need to know if you’re worried about how this will affect your vacation.

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Walt Disney World Closing

Disney World’s Blizzard Beach Water Park closed on January 20 and will remain closed on January 21 and 22. Disney did not formally announce that the park was closed due to freezing temperatures, but we can only assume that’s the case. At the time of this article’s publication, the water park shows that it will reopen on January 23, but we will update you when more information becomes available as anything can happen with the unpredictable Florida weather patterns.

At the time of this article’s publication, no other areas of Walt Disney World Resort are closing due to cold weather. However, if guests have any questions regarding how the weather could affect their Disney vacation, they are encouraged to reach out to Walt Disney World Guest Services, either online or via Twitter.

Universal Orlando Resort Closing

Universal Orlando Resort has announced that their water park — Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park — would be closed for a three-day period due to cold weather. According to a recent Twitter announcement by the resort, Volcano Bay closed on January 20 and will remain closed on January 21 and 22. Universal also said on social media that anyone with questions can Tweet them with the hashtag #AskUniversal.

Tips for Visiting Florida in the Cold Weather

Even though it isn’t always cold in Florida, you should still take precautions if you plan to visit and it’s forecasted to be practically freezing. You don’t want to be one of the hundreds of guests rushing to buy a sweatshirt on Main Street before the fireworks start! We always suggest planning ahead and checking the weather in the days leading up to your trip. If you’re visiting anytime soon, pack a jacket and some pants so you’re not shivering in the early morning waiting for your Rise of the Resistance boarding group or in the evening watching Happily Ever After fireworks!

Book a Disney or Universal Vacation

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Are you currently on your Disney or Universal trip or are you about to leave for vacation? Will these temperatures affect your trip? Has cold weather ever affected your Disney or Universal vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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