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This article includes foul language and may offend some audiences

I’m sure at one point in time you have played the ever-popular Cards Against Humanity card game with your friends, or if you were brave enough, with your family.

There have been all sorts of different themed Cards Against Humanity games — From Friends themed version to Disney-themed version to even a Harry Potter-themed version. But now, we are going to a galaxy far, far away because there is a Star Wars-themed version!

cards against star wars
Credit: Muggles Cards

Get ready to bring the ultimate party game to your next get-together thanks to Cards Against Star Wars. Be warned, it is a hilarious game, but it can be very crude and may offend some people.

Keep reading to learn more about this new party game.

Cards Against Star Wars

The new Cards Against Star Wars card game is proving that everyone belongs on the Dark Side, but we can all have a bit of fun with it.

Cards Against Star Wars is pretty much exactly what you think it would be. It includes the basic general (and extremely rude) rules and themes of the original Cards Against Humanity game, which is almost like an adult version of Mad Libs or Apples to Apples, but this time it includes Star Wars themes.

cards against star wars
Credit: Muggles Cards

It is described as:

Cards Against Star Wars is the Star Wars themed edition of the Cards Against Humanity card game.

Experience the Best Game in Galaxy with our Unofficial Version of Cards Against Humanity! PDF Version

Cards Against Star Wars is the The Best Game in Galaxy. Period
A must-have for any Star Wars fan.
The Cards Against Star Wars set includes 746 cards (245 Black Cards; 501 White Cards)
Players: 4-20 people.
Game time: 30-90 mins.
Age: 17+ only.

You can purchase Cards Against Star Wars here.

cards against star wars
Credit: Muggles Cards

Be warned, you do not want to play this with younger children or with family members or friends that don’t have this sense of humor. This can offend some people and you don’t want to start a galactic battle between your loved ones.

Will you be purchasing Cards Against Star Wars? Let us know in the comments.

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