Morbid Curiosity – discussing death, in card game form

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We couldn’t think of a more appropriate time of the year to unveil a new trivia game all about death.  Halloween, also known Samhain (“sow-en”) is based on the celebration of the Celtic/pagan New Year.  It’s a time when the earth transitions from light to dark, after the harvest when the earth begins to die around us and winter sets in.

Fast forward to fall 2016, creators Kimberly Mead, James Young, realize that adults should have something to “help them regain their wonder with death” something fun and engaging.  Their creation: a card game, best played with at least a party of three or four, called Morbid Curiosity.  They brought in illustrator Prem Krishnan and set out to fund the project on Kickstarter (phase one is now fully funded).  They’ll be using the same company that produces Cards Against Humanity to print up their grim creation.

Morbid Curiosity: A Game About 
Morbid Curiosity is a game of 156 trivia and conversation cards which challenge players to share what they know and think about death while having a delightfully morbid evening with friends. So kick off your shoes, sit down, and let’s get to know Death a little better. –Morbid Curiosity Kickstarter page.

The card game incorporates Conversation Cards and Trivia Cards and is geared to be lighthearted and informative.  “Morbid Curiosity is not a harsh look at your own mortality, or some delicate, awkward conversation about the end of life. Rather, it is a unique, well-crafted game that lets people look at death while having a good time with friends.” – Kickstarter page


Dying to know more about death? Kill that curiosity and take a peek at their project page on Kickstarter.  Rewards for support range from illustrated postcards ($5), a full deck of Morbid Curiosity playing cards for the “Morbidly Curious ($25), to the “Dead Man’s Party” at the Dinosaur Hotel in Denver, CO (doesn’t include travel or lodging; $500 or more).

Images and Source: Kickstarter page for Morbid Curiosity 

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