Yondu could be getting his own show for Disney+

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Yondu and baby Groot

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Yondu went from being an average character that split the fanbase in Guardians of the Galaxy to the loveable ‘Mary Poppins in space’ that fans fell in love with, in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Back in August, Inside the Magic reported that Marvel was creating a new comic book series based on Yondu.

Well, it seems that Disney may be capitalizing on the love for the character if recent rumors are true…

Now James Gunn has repeatedly gone on record to say there is no way that he is planning to resurrect Yondu in future Guardians of the Galaxy movies. We know that since being rehired, Gunn is hard at work on the Guardians 3 so it’s highly likely to assume that Yondu isn’t coming back in future films.

James Gunn and Guardians of the Galaxy
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However, there’s nothing to stop Disney from exploring Yondu’s past in more detail and a prequel series would be perfect for Disney+. What makes this rumor potentially true is that it comes from the same sources that predicted Disney would be working on She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel television shows.

Ms. Marvel comic
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Given Yondu’s past with both the Ravagers and the original Guardians of the Galaxy, there are a whole host of potential storylines worth telling in an episodic format that we would love to see hit our screens. What is unclear is whether Disney is looking to hire someone new for the role or will cast Michael Rooker to play the part.

Either way, given the huge investment that Disney is already putting into MCU shows on Disney+, investing further in characters that resonate well with fans makes an awful lot of sense. We’d love to see Yondu back in the MCU, we’re still not quite over the ending to Guardians 2 and losing him, especially after that Mary Poppins reference.

Would you be interested in watching a prequel series based on Yondu? Let us know in the comments below!

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