Torrid just launched a new “Tangled” collection and it’s our new dream

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Torrid Torrid Collection

Credit: Torrid

Torrid’s Fangirl collections consistently bring us some of the best plus sized Disney clothing, and the latest addition to their online store is all about Tangled! Inspired by one of our favorite Disney princesses, Torrid’s new Tangled collection features a variety of designs with styles ranging from dresses to hoodies and we can’t wait to order one of everything.

One of our favorite items in the new collection is this Lantern Burgundy Purple Skater Dress. First of all, Torrid has this style dress in a variety of prints across the while site and it’s super comfortable and really easy to dress up or style for a more casual look. But this dress in particular, has some really fun details from one of the most memorable scenes in the film when Rapunzel finally gets to see the floating lanterns. (“At Last I See the Light” is going to be my wedding song someday, I simply need to have this dress!)

The collection comes with cozier options too like sweatpants, a hoodie, and a variety of casual tops. .

Torrid sweatshirt tangled
Credit: Torrid

Also available are matching sweatpants, while not sold together these two pieces can easily make up a set or be worn separately. While these are the first Tangled-inspired joggers offered at Torrid, they do have plenty of soft knit jersey separates like this and they’re all extremely comfortable, so we’d have to agree that you’d have the “Best Day Ever” lounging around the house in these. Perfect for a day of relaxation and watching Disney+, right?

Torrid Tangled
Credit: Torrid

Next up on the cozy circuit is this gorgeous sweater featuring some of the flower designs you see throughout Rapunzel’s story. One of my favorite things about all of Torrid’s Fangirl collections is the designs that are noticeably nods to different characters but subtle enough to wear on a regular basis. These sweater could easily dress up a casual work wear look without being too noticeably “Disney”.

Torrid tangled sweater
Credit: Torrid

The collection also comes with another sweater featuring a gorgeous print with Tangled‘s signature lanterns and sun designs. It’s light and airy color scheme makes this a staple for any wardrobe, and would be perfect for a winter trip to the Magic Kingdom if you ask me.

tangled torrid sweater
Credit: Torrid

The rest of the tops in the collection are long sleeve tees, with various style details like lattice sleeves and lace up tops. We love these designs because they tie in some other aspects of Tangled that you do not typically see in Disney merchandise like Mother Gothel (one of the most underrated Disney villains) and the Snuggly Duckling.

Torrid snuggly duckling tangled
Credit: Torrid

Mother Gothel does not get enough representation in Disney villains merchandise if you ask us, so we love seeing her featured in Torrid’s latest collection.

Torrid Tangled Mother Gothel
Credit: Torrid

We’ve saved one of the best parts of the collection for last- these beautifully designed leggings, featuring the royal purple color seen all over Rapunzel’s kingdom along with pops of color again featuring the classic Tangled lantern design. Perfect for the gym or running errands, these leggings are sure to bring some extra Disney magic in to brighten up your day whenever you wear them.

Tangled Torrid Leggings
Credit: Torrid

You can shop the entire collection here!

What do you think of the latest Torrid Fangirl collection? Are any of these new Tangled items going on your Christmas list? Let us know in the comments!

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