Pixar’s short ‘Loop’ will feature nonverbal autistic character

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Credit: Pixar

Before Disney+ had launched, Pixar had created a series of six brand new short films which was titled SparkShots.

The new short titles which launched with the service on November 12 included PurlSmash and GrabKitbull, Wind, Float, and two which have not yet been released, Wind and Loop.

Pixar’s Float

Though all of the SparkShots shorts have been decently popular, one, in particular, stands out and has been getting a lot of buzz — Float. 

Float follows the story of a father who discovers his new son can actually float. The story turns when he realizes that the people around him are reacting to his floating son (with fear). Therefore, his father is then forced to choose whether or not to keep his son’s talent hidden to fit in with the others, or of he should let those on the ground just stare.

Credit: Pixar

Writer, Producer, and Pixar animator Bobby Rubio shared that “it’s based on my own personal story of my son. In the story, the father is dealing with a son that floats, which makes him different from other children.” Rubio actually dedicated the short to his son.

Float will, in fact, pull on your heartstrings, but nevertheless, it is still phenomenal and is one of my personal favorites. But this isn’t the only new Pixar short that follows a storyline similar to this.

Pixar’s Loop

According to Pixar, the yet to be released short, Loop, follows “a non-verbal, autistic girl and a chatty boy [who] are partnered on a canoeing trip. To complete their journey across an urban lake, they must both learn how the other experiences the world.”

Loop was directed by Pixar filmmaker Erica Milsom, who in the past has featured people with disabilities in her work. In fact, Milsom’s award-winning 2017 short film So Much Yellow follows the story of a 1960s family after they make the difficult decision to institutionalize their son with Down syndrome.

People are expressing extreme excitement about the soon to be released short on social media — Particularly because Loop features a nonverbal person of color.

Are you excited to see the upcoming Pixar short, Loop? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Pixar

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