6 reasons why loving Disney Parks as an adult isn’t weird

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We’ve all been there, whether at the office, out with friends or speaking with strangers. You know the words… “But isn’t Disney just for kids?” and then the weird look you get when you try and explain why it isn’t.

Obviously here at ITM, we don’t think it’s weird to love visiting Disney Parks as an adult, but we thought we’d share a few reasons why visiting the parks as an adult without kids is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Nostalgia Factor

This is a big one, as many of us have been visiting Disney Parks since we were kids and have grown up alongside the parks. We were there when new attractions were added and have been experiencing classic attractions such as it’s a small world and The Enchanted Tiki Room our entire lives.

Walking back into Main Street, U.S.A or seeing Spaceship Earth in the distance brings back those magical feelings you felt as a child. It’s no different from going to see that same sports team you’ve loved since a kid and remembering all the great times you had.

Disney is the master of nostalgia; we all grew up with some form of Disney in our lives and the parks do a great job at bringing those happy memories to life.

Thrill Rides

space mountain magic kingdom
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There are plenty of attractions at Disney’s theme parks that have been developed with teenagers and adults as the focus. The very idea behind the development of Space Mountain was to try and attract an older audience into the parks and it was the stepping stone to many of the great thrill rides that you can find at the parks today.

Who said adults can’t enjoy all the attractions?

Since when wasn’t it okay for an adult to enjoy it’s a small world, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Peter Pan’s Flight? This one ties a little into the nostalgia factor but there are elements on all these attractions that are impossible for kids to enjoy as much as adults.

haunted mansion disney world
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As an example, take the Ghost Host hanging in The Haunted Mansion or the entire backstory to Pirates of the Caribbean. That kind of storytelling is incredibly difficult for a young child to understand or appreciate.

There are lots of things kids can’t do in the parks

Four words: Drinking Around the World. There’s so much around Disney’s Parks that aren’t as appropriate for kids and are more geared towards adults. Drinking around World Showcase in Epcot is a great example of an activity that can only be enjoyed by adults aged 21 or older.

Cava Del Tequila
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In addition, there are dance halls, bars and even restaurants that are more geared towards adults without kids than they are families.

Disney never intended his work to be for only children

Those of you that have been watching the fantastic Disney+ show The Imagineering Story will know that Disney never intended his parks to only ever appeal to kids and families. We’ve already covered why Space Mountain was created but you can’t get more of an authority on the subject than Walt Disney himself.

The Imagineering Story
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Almost everyone has a change of heart

Our last reason is perhaps our favorite. Every single person who has come up to us and said “Disney is for kids” and we’ve convinced to go to one of Disney’s parks has immediately come back and said something along the lines of, “Sorry, you were right, we loved it!”

Honestly, it’s surprising how many people have opinions on Disney’s theme parks without ever attending one of the parks once.

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