8-year-old boy meets his Disney heroes thanks to Make-A-Wish

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Make-A-Wish Family

Credit: CTV News Saskatoon

One family from Saskatoon is now thanking Make-A-Wish Canada for sending them on an amazing trip to Walt Disney World.

The Quintin family had the trip of a lifetime and made memories that they would never forget.

8-year-old Levi Quintin has a cognitive disability, which resulted from a severe stroke which happened before he was born. Today, Levi suffers from seizures which have caused him to be in-and-out of hospitals ever since birth.

Make-A-Wish Family
Credit: CTV News Saskatoon

“It’s kind of an emotional roller coaster for us because it just really puts into place how sick your child really is,” Shawna Quintin, Levi’s mother, said.

“When you see Levi and he has half a brain you would really never know it.” Quintin continued.

Thankfully Levi’s condition is not terminal, but unfortunately, his sickness is permanent and he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. His current condition qualified him to be granted a wish through Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan.

Make-A-Wish Family
Credit: CTV News Saskatoon

“To qualify for the wish a lot of people think it’s a terminal illness, but it’s not just terminal, its chronic illnesses too,” she said.

So what did Levi wish for exactly? Well, he’s always wanted to meet his Disney heroes, Woody and Buzz from Toy Story in Walt Disney World.

During the Quintin Family trip, which they took in October, Levi, his parents, and sister, had the opportunity to spend six days at the parks, three days at Walt Disney World, two days at Universal Studios and one day at Seaworld.

Shawna Quintin
Credit: Shawna Quintin

“We filled our days, packed,” Quintin said. “We also got to stay at Give Kids a World Resort which is a special resort for ‘wish’ families. They have everything there.”

When Quintin was asked about the family vacation, tears were brought to her eyes. “He’s the happiest kid. He loves life. He loves everybody,” she said. “I think just getting away from the stresses of every day and being somewhere where you don’t have to worry.”

Make-A-Wish Family
Credit: CTV News Saskatoon

The Quintin family has set up a lemonade stand in which they sell lemonade and baked goods in order to raise money to give back to Make-A-Wish. Today, they have raised thousands of dollars.

And now, they want to encourage others to donate to the Make-A-Wish as well. “I hope this brings more awareness to how important it is to donate to Make A Wish. If the funds aren’t there. They wouldn’t be able to grant these life-changing wishes for medically complex children,” Quintin said.

Source: CTV News Saskatoon

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