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LEGO Mary Poppins Cover

Creative types of all ages enjoy brick building toys thanks to their almost instant gratification. Kits like the LEGO Mary Poppins set deliver themed pieces and figures.

Unfortunately, Cherry Tree Lane, LEGO style, exists only in concept form, for now. This potential playset, part of the LEGO IDEAS series, requires fan support so that it can find its way into retail reality.

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Themed LEGO sets, like the massive “Devastator” Star Destroyer from “Star Wars: A New Hope” join fan-fueled favorites (LEGO Disneyland Train Set) in the brick building universe. LEGO blocks offer hours of imaginative creation possibilities in all sorts of genres.  Disney based sets see massive support from fans. Potential projects rely on fan appreciation for their very existence. LEGO Mary Poppins Cherry Tree Lane seeks similar support.

LEGO Mary Poppins possibilities

Builder/creator “Disneybrick55” showcases several stunning sets on Facebook. However, one supercalifragilisticexpialidocious set caught our eye. LEGO Mary Poppins Cherry Tree Lane captures the enchantment of Disney’s adaptation of “Mary Poppins.”

LEGO Mary Poppins front


close up view of LEGO Mary Poppins

A trio of three-story homes lines the curved section of Cherry Tree Lane.  Across from this, a portion of the park is fenced off.   Sandwiched between two façade structures, only the Banks’ home shelters actual rooms. These include entry foyer (with staircase), living room, bedroom and attic.

LEGO Mary Poppins inside

LEGO Mary Poppins bedroom  LEGO Mary Poppins living room

“Discover the magic universe of Mary Poppins with this new project based on the 1964 original movie.

So this project contains the main part of Cherry tree lane avenue with the house of Banks’s family which includes a lot of details of the movie like the bedroom of children, the living room and stairs. Other buildings are actually fake buildings with only the main side like in the movie set.” -Disneybrick55 (via LEGO IDEAS)

LEGO Mary Poppins backside

For this proposed IDEAS item, several movie based Minifigure creations add to the fun:

  • Mary Poppins
  • Bert
  • George Banks
  • Winifred Banks
  • Jane Banks
  • Michael Banks
  • Admiral Boom
  • Mr. Dawes Jr.

LEGO Mary Poppins Bert LEGO Mary Poppins Minifigures LEGO Mary Poppins Mary

LEGO Mary Poppins needs more than just a spoon full of sugar to survive

Like all LEGO IDEAS sets, LEGO Mary Poppins Cherry Tree Lane requires fan support.  Log in (or create a profile) on the LEGO IDEAS website.  Direct your mouse to the top right corner of the page and click on the blue “SUPPORT” button.

Graphical user interface, application

LEGO Ideas is a program where builders can submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. If the project gets the support of 10,000 or more users, it goes to the next step. At this point, the kit is reviewed by the LEGO Review Board for production consideration. For that reason, not every project makes the cut. Conversely, other projects advance for production. Ultimately, builders find themselves featured on the packaging and receive a royalty on sales of the item(s).

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Source and images: LEGO IDEAS

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