LEGO Seven Dwarfs Home set needs support to advance

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LEGO Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs received special Oscars in 1938, now they could be about to receive their own LEGO set. Not only are the seven singing miners transformed into LEGO mini-figs, but their iconic cottage gets LEGO treatment, too.

Part of the LEGO IDEAS program, this clever cottage needs 10,000 supporters to reach the next level. Currently, at just over 3100 votes this goal has just over 500 days to reach the needed numbers.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs entry

As if ripped right from the screen, LEGO creator Hanwaysyellofirst transforms The Seven Dwarf’s home with amazing accuracy. The two-story cottage constructs with removable roof panels. And, a peek inside reveals several rooms of LEGO luxury for the hard-working dwarfs.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs removeable roof

LEGO Dwarfs dwelling details

Upon removing roof pieces and swinging open walls, this LEGO kit showcases the main areas of the home.  Just beyond the front door, a kitchen sink and piles of dishes await. Beyond that, the welcoming fireplace provides warmth. There’s even room for singing and dancing.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs Kitchen

LEGO Seven Dwarfs open

Next to the kitchen, the Dwarf’s dining room table is ready for dinner with LEGO food and drink.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs dining

LEGO Seven Dwarfs Dinner

Just outside the dining room, and to the back of the Seven Dwarf’s Home, a small mining cart is stacked with jewels.  Pickaxes, placed in a brown barrel, await their task in the mines.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs witch at the window

Upstairs, seven dwarf-sized beds beckon tired workers to a good night’s slumber.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs beds

LEGO Seven Dwarfs Home Delightful Details

This sizeable set surprises with extra details. From window sill flowers to green vines wrapping their way around the cottage, attention to detail is pure delight. Varied and patched roofing textures give this humble home a lovely, lived-in look. The chimney even billows smoke!

LEGO Seven Dwarfs detail

This kit also includes a wishing well with its own tree.

LEGO Seven Dwarfs wishing well

Mini-Fig Magic

If selected for production, this Seven Dwarf’s House set will also include all the LEGO mini-figures needed to recreate memorable moments from the classic Disney feature. These could include:

  • Snow White
  • Bashful
  • Doc
  • Dopey
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Sneezy
  • Evil Witch

LEGO Seven Dwarfs mini-figs

Show Your Support

LEGO Ideas is a program where builders can submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. If the project gets the support of 10,000 or more users, it goes to the next step. At this point, the kit is reviewed by the LEGO Review Board for production consideration. For that reason, not every project makes the cut. Conversely, other projects advance for production. Ultimately, builders find themselves featured on the packaging and receive a royalty on sales of the item(s).

As with other LEGO IDEAS concepts recently featured (Spaceship Earth, Haunted Mansion), your support is crucial to success. Cast your vote here.

house back LEGO seven dwarfs

Source and images: LEGO IDEAS

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