LEGO Spaceship Earth concept picking up steam but still needs more votes

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Spaceship Earth LEGO Idea set

Epcot’s icon attraction could earn its own miniature version: LEGO Spaceship Earth. Within, familiar scenes, depicting the evolution of communication, bring this small-scale adventure to life.

When we first shared this Disney inspired product idea last year, it had just over 2,000 supporters. Support jumped to over 3,100 in less than a week. Unfortunately, time is starting to run out and there are currently only just over 6,000 supporters with less than two months to cast your vote. In order to reach the next step, it needs less than 4,000 fans to give it a thumbs up. Take a look at the amazing details on this LEGO build and cast your vote today!

It’s designed to work in scale with the LEGO Cinderella Castle. Russ Cole’s LEGO Spaceship Earth hopes to become a retail LEGO kit. With just over 200 days left to reach its goal of 10,000 votes, the project is about a fifth of the way there.

LEGO Spaceship Earth

All the best Spaceship Earth scenes

Within this amazing LEGO build, 13 memorable scenes come to life. Witness mankind’s use of communication is brilliantly depicted in brick-built form. LEGO Spaceship Earth depicts everything from the load area to a view of planet Earth from space.

Spaceship Earth Load Area

Planet Earth ride vehicle

Per the LEGO ideas post for Spaceship Earth, fans will find the following included within the class 2 geodesic sphere:

  • Loading area
  • Cave drawings
  • Young Egyptian pounding reeds flat/papyrus
  • Phoenician trade and communication – boat scene
  • Burning and destruction of the Library of Alexandria
  • Jewish & Islamic scholars preserving recorded information
  • Sleeping Monk
  • Gutenberg and the first movable-type printing press
  • Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
  • Telephone switchboard
  • Mainframe computer
  • Building home computers in a garage
  • Earth

Thank the Phonecians


Library Fire

Sleeping Monk

Also, not only are all major moments masterfully made from LEGO bricks, the entire attraction spins via a hand crank! Furthermore, a Power Functions motor can easily replace the hand crank.

Hand Crank

Turning Gears

LEGO Ideas

As more Disney inspired projects pop up, fan support shows LEGO that these kinds of kits are in demand. To ensure the success of LEGO Spaceship Earth, cast your vote.

Class 2 Geodesic Sphere

Of note, LEGO Ideas is a program where builders can submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. If the project gets the support of 10,000 or more users, it goes to the next step. At this point, the kit is reviewed by the LEGO Review Board for production consideration. For that reason, not every project makes the cut. Conversely, other projects advance for production. Ultimately, builders find themselves featured on the packaging and receive a royalty on sales of the item(s).

Garage Build

Source and images: LEGO Ideas

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