LEGO “Ratatouille” restaurant Gustau needs support to survive

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Ratatouille Lego Project

The fun of LEGO bricks and the magic of Disney are a perfect pairing. For example, this LEGO Ratatouille restaurant Gusteau set offers both build and playtime opportunities.

Cleverly crafted by builder “Brickproject_7540,” the set took a full week to create. Delightful dining details, along with a few “hidden” surprises ensure this kit is a fan favorite.

The presentation shares importance with preparation when it comes to culinary mastery. Not only is the design and detail top drawer in this LEGO Ratatouille concept kit, the layout of its LEGO Ideas page masquerades as a magical menu for the project!

LEGO Ratatouille concept kit

LEGO Ratatouille restaurant Gustau ingredients

Thomas K, AKA Brickproject_7540, perfectly planned his Pixar powered project using over 2,800 LEGO blocks. Of course, Thomas documented each delicious step on his Instagram page. Additionally, in-depth dining details reveal themselves within “The Art of Ratatouille” digital download.

Attention to detail reveals the passion and skill that went into creating this LEGO set. Pipework, arched entries, parquet tiled floors and even an espresso station hide within the simulated structure.

Ratatouille restaurant Gustau kitchen

Ratatouille restaurant Gustau top

Ratatouille restaurant Gustau broom

Several mini-figs bear resemblance to their animated character counterparts.

  • Linguini Alfredo
  • Colette Tatou
  • Skinner
  • Anton Ego
  • Remy

LEGO Ratatouille mini-figure

LEGO Ratatouille mini-figure

LEGO Ratatouille mini-figure

LEGO Ratatouille mini-figure

I really wanted to build a licensed set about this story but I didn’t know which part of the movie I had to reproduce. Because the kitchen is huge and the restaurant too. But because most scenes of the movie take place there, I opted to make a reduced version of the kitchen including a small restaurant part. – Brickproject_7540 (via LEGO Ideas)

Additional details include:

  • A dozen custom created tiles
  • Mini “rat restaurant”
  • “Rue Ratatouille” street sign
  • Large Kitchen area
  • Dining area with table and chair
  • LEGO food
  • Espresso Machine

Ratatouille restaurant Gustau details1

Ratatouille restaurant Gustau details3

Ratatouille restaurant Gustau details2

Restaurant reviews

In order for production realization of this LEGO Ideas version of “Ratatouille” restaurant Gustau, support from fans must materialize.

LEGO Ideas is a program where builders can submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. If the project gets the support of 10,000 or more users, it goes to the next step. At this point, the kit is reviewed by the LEGO Review Board for production consideration. For that reason, not every project makes the cut. Conversely, other projects advance for production. Ultimately, builders find themselves featured on the packaging and receive a royalty on sales of the item(s).

LEGO “Ratatouille” restaurant Gustau

As with other LEGO IDEAS concepts recently featured (Spaceship Earth, Seven Dwarf’s House), your support is crucial to success. Cast your vote by clicking on the blue SUPPORT button in the top right corner of the web page!

Source and images: LEGO Ideas

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