Financial news media claims kids hate “Star Wars”—Do you agree?

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge cosplay

Credit: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

Disney Parks have been faced with low attendance lately, and some think “Star Wars” is to blame.

According to financial news media site Bloomberg, the lower than expected theme park attendance for The Walt Disney Company’s last quarter is a sign that “Star Wars” is failing to resonate with younger generations. The site claims that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland hasn’t been nearly as successful as Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger hoped. That, coupled with the allegedly lackluster performance of films like “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and the slump in “Star Wars” toy sales, is what leads some financial analysts to believe that kids aren’t as interested in “Star Wars” as Disney hopes they would be.

While Bloomberg’s claims are interesting and probable, they aren’t necessary correct. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the company was able to generate a whole new generation of “Star Wars” fans. The franchise hadn’t previously released other box-office hits since “Episode III” premiered over a decade prior to “The Force Awakens,” and the continuation and creation of “Star Wars” animated series, films, merchandise, video games, and theme park experiences has allowed even more fans of all ages to fall in love with the galaxy far, far away over and over again.

Kids in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Disneyland Resort

Sure, some fans aren’t happy with Disney’s “Star Wars” projects, but there is still a large population who believes Disney saved the franchise and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is just as magical as the rest of the theme park’s lands. Adults can take their children to see the latest “Star Wars” films and experience the immersive lands at Disney Parks, and kids get to see “Star Wars” with fresh eyes and perspective. And with a majority of Disneyland annual passholders blocked out of the theme parks for the summer (and since we still don’t know how Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be received comparatively at Walt Disney World), kids are hardly to blame for the lack of presence in Galaxy’s Edge.

Some may believe that “Star Wars” doesn’t appeal to kids as much as it does to adults, but we’re not so sure. Still, with all of the “Star Wars” films and series Disney has planned for the future (and with new Galaxy’s Edge attractions coming soon to both U.S. coasts), we don’t think the alleged lack of child interest in “Star Wars” will stop Disney from doing what they do best: continuing to create theme park experiences and films with the intent of appealing to all ages.

What’s your take: do kids hate “Star Wars,” or does the franchise appeal to all ages? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Bloomberg

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