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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge cosplay

Credit: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort


  1. Mark

    Whose financial news media another false news arena you take your true news stories from itm??? Itm you use to be one of the most up to date sites now your just as bad as wdwtoday which is basically disney Enquirer!

    1. Harley

      Itm is a bit behind lately maybe its the summer blues or back to school or they have lives and keep up best they can! We all make mistakes they see a story about the parks and post it unlike wdw sure they dont have lawyers to keep the wrong stuff out! Chill pill will ya! Itm does a great job!
      Though back to article… i think the adults arent into star wars unless uber geeks but i think kids love it theres always kids at jedi training and everything else! Just bc they arent making money off the kids directly doesnt mean a parent isnt paying!

  2. Film Fan

    Kids don’t hate Star Wars. They hate today’s Star Wars, like most fans. They probably hate the direction of the sequel trilogy. Don’t believe me, just look at all the Rose Tico toys that didn’t sell.

    At Galaxy’s Edge, there isn’t a wide selection of characters for them to see. When they want to see Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, who do they get instead? That’s right: characters they don’t find truly compelling. Kids can’t relate to Rey, because she doesn’t have any flaws and has no strong character arc. Kids probably think Finn and Kylo Ren are just pathetic anyway, and they would rather see Darth Vader more than any of them. Also at Galaxy’s Edge, kids don’t have a lot of options. There aren’t a lot of rides there, and everything, and I mean everything pertains to Disney’s sequel trilogy. Jakku doesn’t mean much when one wants to explore Tattoine. It also doesn’t help that it’s crazy expensive to build a lightsaber.

    If we forget about Galaxy’s Edge, let’s talk about what the critics won’t admit. While The Force Awakens did get a positive response, it still divided the fanbase. Why wouldn’t it? Episode 7 was a mediocre soft-remake of A New Hope. When The Last Jedi came out, it did not only further the divide, but fans hated it. Now Lucasfilm is trying to make Rise of the Skywalker a better film, but the fans have already lost faith in them. And trust me. This is not going to end well.

    Kids still like Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean they have to like the recent offerings. And at this point, to them, Marvel is king.

    1. Harley

      Though i agree that 7-9 leave alot to be disired amongst fans they arent the trash 1-3 are in their eyes either! And lots of kids look up to rey and ren! Apparently you never seen a slew of little girls whom one day are princesses and next is Rey (with there biddi bobiti hair in tact) and how the ren meet and greet had to be put out there that it was moving to edge! Go to launch bay chewie doesnt have the lines ren N bb8 have!
      So dont judge bc you dont like it! Yes rose from the last movie didnt sell product but porgs did why bc its easier to play w stuffed toys. Though i do agree star wars has a rough demographic its almost like politics and the great pumpkin!

    2. Paul

      You’re seriously confusing your personal opinion for facts.

      You don’t like the new movies – which is fine – but claiming that kids don’t like them and have a preference for the originals is patently and statistically false. Sure, Rose Tico didn’t sell that well, but Rey, BB-8, Kylo Ren sell like crazy. Queues for these characters at the meet and greets are far far longer than Vader and Chewie (last two times I visited Kylo was 70 mins compared to 10 for Vader).

      For those of us in our 30-40s Luke and Vader are our Star Wars. Those in their 20s it’s Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka and Grievous. Kids today love the new movies.

      But yes, today Marvel is king. For no reason than Star Wars is still new to modern kids, whereas Marvel has been brining out a new movie every year of their lives.

      Remember, your opinion is your opinion, you don’t speak for the masses. ‘Some’ fans dislike the new movies and are extremely vocal about it, but the average fan (and a simple search on social media proves this, as well as any public access rating sites that REQUIRE PROOF OF PURCHASE backs this up – RT have admitted to review bombing) enjoys them or if they don’t just deal with it and move on.

  3. Darth Wampa

    I mostly agree with Film Fan.

    The Force Awakens wasn’t the problem. Yes, it’s a soft re-boot. But older fans forgave that because at the end of the day it delivered a Star Wars movie with a fun story and interesting characters. Kids easily found something to like and it didn’t hurt that mom and dad were happy too. New and old fans were excited for the next film.

    The Last Jedi is what hurt Star Wars. Yes, one can see what Disney/Lucasfilm was attempting to do and can defend endlessly these attempts. But at the end of the day, it’s a movie that begins with telling us in the two days since the powerful StarKiller base, home of the bad guys, exploded, “The First Order reigns!” Then we move onto a Yo mama joke. Halfway through, for no reason, we go from calling the good guys “The Resistance” to the “The Rebels,” and end with everybody hugging and literally smiling even though 98% of them are now dead. Something didn’t feel Star Wars-y.

    I’ll argue that the problem wasn’t necessarily the story, but the directing. At my work, only one person liked it. And this is a group of 12 different people from diehards to those who saw it because someone invited them. The reasons went everything from the misplaced humor, being bored during the slow-speed spaceship chase/casino, thinking Leia floating in space was “stupid”, to a couple who were bothered by what they perceived as a political message (namely the Rose and Holdo characters).

    Some of these I agreed with, some not. I personally didn’t have a problem with Rey, but one co-worker who isn’t much of a Star Wars fan was confused by “how’d she do all this Force stuff so quickly?”

    Nobody had the same reason. (Except Snoke, nobody seemed to know who he was. And Captain Phasma… she came back to get killed 5 minutes later?)

    Sure, the effects were good and everybody generally liked the repeat characters (Rey, Kylo, Poe, etc). But if my group of co-workers represents any kind of sampling, they probably weren’t buying lots of toys for the kids based on this movie. Sure, here’s a porg, now lets move on and find something with Darth Vader or Obi-wan on it.

    My feeling: if the parents aren’t excited, kids won’t be as much either. This is where I agree with Film Fan. If Disney has built their park and mostly ignored the original/prequel characters, that could be a problem.

    Because ask yourself = if given a choice, who do you think a kid would pick to stand in line to meet: Admiral Ackbar or Admiral Holdo?

  4. Missy

    As an elementary school librarian I can tell you kids are still nuts for starwars!! I can’t keep the books in the shelves!

  5. Mark

    My daughter hates star wars but can relate to rey and now vi and loves batuu so like i said somewhere else let kids be kids! They have their own likes and dislikes they do not have to be robots of their parents!

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