People think “The Lion King” is Disney’s best remake so far

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Disney has been coming out with more movies than fans know what to do with. And with so many of Disney’s films being remakes of classic animated stories, viewers everywhere are constantly wondering how a modern-day reimagining can hold up to a fan favorite-original. Well, when it comes Disney’s latest flick, it looks like this remake is going to be as awesome as we thought. Here’s what everyone’s saying about “The Lion King” (it may be Disney’s best remake so far).

The 2019 version of “The Lion King” premiered this week, and advanced screenings of the film began everywhere. Though the film doesn’t officially hit theaters until July 19, critics and fans are already sharing their thoughts on Disney’s new movie, and they are overwhelmingly positive. And with amazing new songs (thanks, Beyoncé), an incredible cast, director Jon Favreau, and incredibly realistic CGI technology, we’re not surprised that “The Lion King” is already a hit. The original animated version may be one of the most loved Disney films of all time, and for good reason, but that doesn’t mean a 2019 reimagining can’t be successful, too. The new “The Lion King” breathes fresh air into the original film and honors it in a way that fans didn’t know they needed, and we’re here for it.

While some are critical of the movie, the general consensus seems to be that it is definitely a film worth seeing. Here’s what people are saying about “The Lion King”:

We at Inside the Magic also had a chance to see the film, and we thought it was nothing short of magical:

Some think the story is nothing new and it’s the visuals that make the movie worth seeing, while others think the cast and the music are the reason the movie is going to be a big success. Still, there’s no denying the Disney fan culture surrounding the original film. “The Lion King” has generated fans across multiple generations for decades, and the updated version may just be what kids today need to fall in love with a story so many of us grew up with.

Do you plan on seeing the 2019 remake of “The Lion King”? Let us know in the comments!

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