Don’t lose $200 at this Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction, read the fine print

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Savi's Workshop reservation

Credit: Disney

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is full of an incredible amount of highly-themed attractions. However, one in particular has specific rules that must be followed or you could pay the price and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

As we’ve previously reported, Disneyland has seen quite the surge in park visitation after opening its new Star Wars-themed land. And as a way to deal with all this increased park traffic, but still get guests in and out of the exclusive new experiences found in the land, Disneyland has set up a reservation system. However, this system comes with both advantages and disadvantages

The new system allows guests to book reservations to grab a drink at Oga’s Cantina or to build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. However, in order to book these experiences with this system, a credit card is required.

Savi's Workshop
Credit: Disney

This isn’t an entirely new benchmark for booking reservations at the Disney Parks as many of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort restaurants require a credit card to hold a reservation. Although, one reservation in particular, the lightsaber building experience at Savi’s Workshop, comes at a premium of $200, which is not refunded if you miss your reservation.

It’s safe to say that most park goers would be upset if time got away from them and they did happen to miss their reservation, but still receive a charge of $200. MarketWatch reached out to Disney regarding the $200 fee, to which they responded: “credit cards are required to book most experiences that require reservations, not just those in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.” The company also went on to say it would make exceptions to the cancellation policy on a case-by-case basis.

Savi's Workshop
Credit: Disney

Visitors with reservations to Savi’s Workshop must check in no later than 15 minutes prior to their reservation. It’s also worth noting, cancellations are not accepted for this experience and reservations may not be exchanged, sold or bartered. The obvious upside to this requirement is it should ensure only those who actually intend to fulfill their reservation actually make one. Alternatively, without this system, we could see guests make multiple reservations making it even more difficult for everyone else who wants a reservation to get it.

Disneyland also holds special reservation rules when it comes to Oga’s Cantina as well. Those who book a table at the intergalactic restaurant will face a $10 per-person penalty if they’re late or forget to check in for their reservation. Additionally, all persons in the party must be present when checking in or you will not be seated.

Oga's Cantina
Credit: Disney

This experience also contains further limitations of a two-drink limit per person and parties may only be in the restaurant for 45 minutes once seated. The $10 penalty for missing your reservation is not new and can be found at most restaurants in the Disney Parks. However, the 45-minute time limit and two-drink maximum are not found in any other restaurants in the Disney Parks.

What are your thoughts of Disney charging $200 to guests who miss their reservations at Savi’s Workshop? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: MarketWatch 

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