Captain Marvel challenges toxic masculinity in extended “What, no smile?” scene

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Carol Danvers

Credit: Marvel

Whether you fell head-over-heels for Brie Larson’s performance in “Captain Marvel” or you love to hate the film, you’re going to want to check this out. Marvel Studios just released an extended deleted scene from “Captain Marvel,” and it goes to show that Carol Danvers challenges toxic masculinity even more than we thought.

The scene is an extended version of a scene you may remember from the movie. Soon after Brie Larson’s character arrives on Earth in her Starforce uniform, she is mocked by a local biker who offers her a ride and asks her to smile in return for the favor. In the longer version of the scene, we see Vers do more than just steal the man’s motorcycle. She introduces herself, grabs his hand, and painfully singes it until he agrees to give her the keys to his bike and her leather jacket. The scene clearly shows the man writhing in pain as Larson’s character threatens to burn his hand off, clearly as a response to the biker’s toxic masculine attitude.

This extended scene first debuted on USA Today’s Twitter account. Check it out:

Naturally, some viewers were offended by the extended scene and took to social media to voice their anti-feminist reactions. IndieWire reports that many outraged male viewers commented on the scene on Twitter, saying things like, “Man, it is so empowering to watch a woman with superpowers physically hurt and then threaten to break a man’s hand — and steal his motorcycle and jacket because he said something rude to her! So empowering! Empowerment!”

Interestingly, some fans of “Captain Marvel” didn’t like the extended version of the scene, saying that it portrays Captain Marvel as a villain who would so willingly burn off a man’s hand. While it’s annoying that Captain Marvel could be perceived as villainous, we must admit that the proof really is in the video. Vers is responding to a man who continued to harass her after her body language showed she wasn’t at all interested. While most of us females on earth don’t have the power to singe the hands of men who come on too strong, Vers’s response is empowering and encouraging for females to stand their ground when they feel harassed or threatened in any way.

As Brie Larson and director Anna Boden shared a few months back, the “What, no smile?” scene is a comment on the female experience. “This is part of why art that depicts the female experience is so important, because on one hand for women and girls it allows us to go, ‘Oh, I had that experience too.’ And for those who aren’t in our bodies to go, ‘Wait, that happens to you? We gotta do better,'” Larson said in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

We don’t know about you, but as fans of “Captain Marvel,” we can’t wait to see what she does next.

What do you think of the extended version of this controversial “Captain Marvel” scene? Let us know in the comments!

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