Comments for Captain Marvel challenges toxic masculinity in extended “What, no smile?” scene

Carol Danvers

Credit: Marvel


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    The guy in that scene is a characature. I think it celebrates a toxic side of feminism more than it challenges toxic masculinity. Otherwise your justifying physical assault, and threats of bodily harm against anyone who is kinda creepy.
    This was a feminist power fantasy, no “toxic men” were challenged by this. And even if they were, they’re not taking anything you would think is positive from it.
    Toxic masculinity is best challenged by mature masculinity, not toxic feminism.

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    With toxic feminism

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    Typical Carol Danvers beating up those Weaker then her.

    Is she even a hero at this point?

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    What she did was a crime. Not “challenge toxic masculinity”. She assaulted an unarmed man and stole his property because she didn’t like how he spoke to her. That is immoral and should not be looked at to justify violent behavior.

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