Bringing back the Hatbox Ghost: ‘Missing in the Mansion’ making-of video reveals secrets of spooky Disneyland short film

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Three weeks ago, my brother and I released a short film called Missing in the Mansion — the world’s first found footage film set entirely at Disneyland. We had a lot of fun teasing it on this site and the Inside the Magic podcast, claiming to have evidence of “real ghosts” in The Haunted Mansion.

Ultimately, a couple days before Halloween, our project was revealed as a short and the reception by the fans has been incredible. 250,000 views so far. We’ve had over 600 comments on YouTube. It has been very amusing to watch the debates break out over everything from ‘Is it real or fake?’ to ‘Did they have cast members involved?’

Today, we answer those questions along with several others. And most importantly, we show you how we brought the Hatbox Ghost to life.

Below is a slideshow of more making-of photos we shot during production, from Disneyland to the green screen soundstage shoot.

And be sure to watch the short film itself, Missing in the Mansion:

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