Video: Real ghosts revealed(?) in The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland on newly found footage depicting an eerie encounter

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Beyond the 999 happy haunts that reside within the walls of The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, have real ghosts retired there? With Halloween on the brain, that’s the question I posed last week on Twitter and Facebook. Little did I know that simple question would lead to such a shocking result, one that I am excited to share today.

In response to my simple inquiry, conversation quickly commenced online, with many Disney fans chiming in with their own tall tales of the supernatural. Some shared sightings involving a mysterious man with a cane while others described a young boy that seemed to materialize around the ride, said to be trapped there after tragedy struck. Both notions are equally intriguing, but hard to believe without proof. Then, much to my surprise, I did indeed receive more than just a few ghost stories.

Shortly after I asked the question, an email arrived from someone identified only as an anonymous Cast Member. Attached with the note was a short blurry video of the ballroom scene of The Haunted Mansion focusing on what appeared to be a human figure, perhaps a boy, sitting in a chair that’s normally unoccupied. With the promise of a more complete video to come, I was asked not to share what I received quite yet, instead allowed to reveal just a single frame, which piqued the curiosity of many. Did this video capture the very boy many have said haunts the attraction?

Days went by. Promises of more footage went unfulfilled. And then, early this morning, I finally received the full video, which I’m eagerly sharing below. Paranormal proof? Or just a Halloween hoax?

Watch below and decide for yourself.

Video: Real ghosts in The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland…?


  1. Colson

    That was awesome! Very eerie! I quite enjoyed that 🙂

  2. Gordon

    I certainly see no reason to doubt its authenticity. Looks real to me. Nice find.

    1. Sceptical

      Associate Producer: “Ricky Brigante”. Hmmmm!!!

    2. Agrees with "Sceptical"

      After a list of characters, there’s a button that says, “Click to see how we made this film.” xD

  3. Marco Granillo

    Paranormal activity:Disneyland/haunted mansion edition

  4. Hope

    Haha I loved it!

  5. Roddy Barros

    That was AMAZING, Ricky. Kudos to all involved.

  6. That was truly fantastic! I’d love to see more videos like this. It’s such a fun way to bring extra magic to us away from the parks.

  7. Ed L

    Well done!!! I’m not afraid to say there were a few times, where I was uhmm…startled. Ok, it scared me, ok?!

    Loved it!

  8. oswaldandmickey

    Well it was very well done! I loved it! Obviously though I don’t think it was authentic in any way. I mean, you could tell that they were actors. However, I nevertheless enjoyed it!

  9. Matt L

    That was awesome 😀 😀 :D. Loved it!!! Your podcast and this video has got me in a real Halloween mood 🙂

  10. Ryan B.

    Awesome. The nods to both Blair Witch and Disney were an amazing touch.

  11. Ermineleaf

    As a fun loving and haloween-y person I couldn’t help but chuckle and applaud the work and effort that went in to making the OBVIOUSLY fabricated film. Kudos. However, as a professional paranormal investigator, I am disappointed at the implied “reality” of the title of the video. No, there are no “real” ghosts revealed in this film, and it disturbs me when people assume that they can, in essence, make fun of the spirit world at actual haunted locations such as Disneyland and the Queen Mary, to name a few.

    Nice film, but know that you need to respect history and the spirit world, or it just might come back to actually haunt you.

  12. OT

    There are no real professional paranormal investigator and no real haunts.
    Great one Ricky!

  13. Mo

    This was absolutely fantastic. I’d love to see more films like this using the parks, what a great concept.

  14. Sam

    A very well made short film. In my opinion, this is what the Haunted Mansion movie should have been like, not that one with Eddie Murphy.

  15. Wild Ol' Dan

    Howdy Ricky,

    What a wonderful little adventure…a thrilling bit of imagination in a spot we all know and love. Well done…a delightful Halloween treat! I’m sure even the real ghosts in there would love this…and as for us who visit…well…when the ride stops in the middle somewhere now we will feel just a little more uncomfortable about it. Great stuff! Happy Halloween!

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol’ Dan

  16. Ann Wallace


  17. Ashley Turner

    This was brilliant! Very fun to watch!

  18. Coby

    What every Disney fan would say in this situation: “The Hatbox Ghost! Sweet!”

    1. Menji

      Actually what I said was “*gasp* it’s ol’ hatty!” but same difference. 😀

  19. Menji

    Well played, Ricky. Well played.

  20. Sarah Pounders

    Very cute….She is obviously a Disney Princess……or should apply to work as Ariel and Cinderella as she would be hired!!
    Strangely, I have a real story that is similar. I used to work at the Titanic Museum in Orlando, back when it was at the Mercado and owned by Michael Harris….Well, I have a video of me and some friends walking down the staircase in costumes on April 14, 2004…and when we watched it later we had a little boy in a blue velvet outfit walking with us….yet no one actually remembers seeing him there!

  21. Alex J.

    Awesome job Ricky and friends!

  22. Sarah

    Great video, enjoyable for the Halloween season.

  23. ANDREW

    Oh this was so fun! Showed it to some of my roommates and got to scare them While watching it hahaha! Made my week!

  24. John

    Killer video! The Daws brothers strike again. What’s that on the horizon? I think it’s Josh & Jeremiah’s ship. It’s about to come in.

  25. Ally S.

    That was awesome! Great job!

  26. JC

    as not only a die hard horror fan but also a huge mansion and special effects fan, I found this movie very interesting. An A+ to all involved ( especialy you Ricky, cleaver advertising on your part,lol) specialy with the ghost effects. The hatbox ghost was very well done. Let hope hollywood takes your ques guys. well done and you deserve a round of applouse.

  27. Loved it. Had a Cloverfield vibe, and I’m a big fan of that.

  28. Dave Bates

    Great work! Loved the sound design. The sound effects of the mansion dropping out etc. Amazing you pulled it off without cast member help and access. Favorite spots were everyone disappearing, when you first saw just the hat of the hatbox ghost on the car ahead, and when she was getting pulled away. Great hidden edits. Also great build up Ricky.

  29. sammyruntz

    I like how they did their homework before making this. the whole “Joshua” thing is a real rumor. The guy at the end was the Hatbox Ghost. The Bride in the attic replaced him.

  30. disneyfan

    I appreciate the work that went into this movie, but I have issue with it. You built it up as “real” proof for a couple of weeks and on your most recent podcast you say that you never said this was real. I know you were having fun, but that was a blatant lie! I was highly disappointed to get trapped into an overly long Paranormal Activity based film. Lame.

  31. Jorge Zambrano

    Haha although this is obviously fake and entertaining, there is defenately nothing fake about the little boy! I have experienced something there that I wish I had not. Yes I saw the boy. In which I learned about after what we experienced there due to not being able to explain what we saw!

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