Video: Real ghosts revealed(?) in The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland on newly found footage depicting an eerie encounter

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Beyond the 999 happy haunts that reside within the walls of The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, have real ghosts retired there? With Halloween on the brain, that’s the question I posed last week on Twitter and Facebook. Little did I know that simple question would lead to such a shocking result, one that I am excited to share today.

In response to my simple inquiry, conversation quickly commenced online, with many Disney fans chiming in with their own tall tales of the supernatural. Some shared sightings involving a mysterious man with a cane while others described a young boy that seemed to materialize around the ride, said to be trapped there after tragedy struck. Both notions are equally intriguing, but hard to believe without proof. Then, much to my surprise, I did indeed receive more than just a few ghost stories.

Shortly after I asked the question, an email arrived from someone identified only as an anonymous Cast Member. Attached with the note was a short blurry video of the ballroom scene of The Haunted Mansion focusing on what appeared to be a human figure, perhaps a boy, sitting in a chair that’s normally unoccupied. With the promise of a more complete video to come, I was asked not to share what I received quite yet, instead allowed to reveal just a single frame, which piqued the curiosity of many. Did this video capture the very boy many have said haunts the attraction?

Days went by. Promises of more footage went unfulfilled. And then, early this morning, I finally received the full video, which I’m eagerly sharing below. Paranormal proof? Or just a Halloween hoax?

Watch below and decide for yourself.

Video: Real ghosts in The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland…?

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