New ‘Bluey’ Episodes Get 2025 Release, Disney Shares

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Bluey using a typewriter

Credit: Ludo Studios

Big things are happening for Bluey, Bingo, and all their cartoon canine companions, as seven new episodes have been promised before the end of the month. However, how much Bluey are fans actually getting with the latest update?

Three animated dog characters are playing in a lush garden. The blue dog on the left and the orange dog on the right are enthusiastically raising their arms. The central character, with a gray face, is dressed as a flower. They are surrounded by greenery, flowers, and even some muffin-shaped bushes.
Credit: Ludo Studio

Shortly after becoming the most-watched show on streaming, Disney Junior dropped a sneak peek at the upcoming Bluey minisodes set to launch across multiple platforms. While this will undoubtedly make any fan smile, there’s more to it than just a new miniseries from the good folks at Ludo Studio.

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While viewers have been promised a miniseries, they’re also getting a large number of episodes with 20 entries on the horizon. However, both studios might be breadcrumbing us again for something bigger next year.

Bluey’s Big Update

Bluey and Chilli underneath a double rainbow
Credit: Ludo Studios

Per the studio’s press release, Disney made the following statement regarding Bluey’s future.

“Disney Branded Television has announced that the first seven “Bluey Minisodes” will premiere Wednesday, July 3, on Disney+ at 12:00 a.m. PDT. The first two minisodes will also air on Disney Jr. and Disney Channel that same day, with the additional five episodes rolling out throughout the networks’ ‘Red, White and Bluey’ marathon, which will take place over Fourth of July weekend.”

The collection of one-to-three-minute ‘Bluey Minisodes’ is written by ‘Bluey’ creator Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio. The shorts highlight funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and Bingo, leaning into playful interactions and games that further explore the characters and world of ‘Bluey.’

In the premiere minisode titled ‘Burger Dog,’ Bluey and Bingo dance to annoying music while Bandit comes up with a plan to stop it. The additional minisodes premiering in the first batch include ‘Bingo 3000,’ ‘Muffin Unboxing,’ ‘Letter,’ ‘Hungry,’ ‘Three Pigs,’ and ‘Animals.’

“The second batch of ‘Bluey Minisodes’ will premiere on platforms later this year, followed by the final batch in 2025.”

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Not only have the first batch of minisodes been given official titles, but Disney might have just shown its hand prematurely with that bit of information. A 2025 release might get some mixed reactions, but it might also confirm something long suspected by the fanbase.

Now We Play the Waiting Game

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
Credit: Ludo Studio

Now that Bluey has achieved top marks on the rating boards, it’s only a matter of time before fans get a taste of the long-predicted fourth season. Although Joe Brumm and the rest of his team at Ludo are still taking their well-deserved rest, the minisodes released by next year might just be a carrot dangling in the face of the fandom.

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Bluey is far from finished because neither Disney+, BBC Studios, nor any other streaming service with access to the blue heeler from Brisbane would kill the golden goose. Even during its hiatus, the show is still at the top of its game, and there is still so much left to do.

Will Bluey make an official comeback next year? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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