‘Bluey’ Animators Slip Phallic Images Past Disney Censors

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Bluey gets warning

Credit: Inside the Magic

Bluey has become semi-infamous for its large adult audience it has amassed in the past three seasons. However, could adult viewers have too much of an influence on the show’s humor?

Muffin barks at Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Ludo Studios

The series has often been described as a show about parenting that kids can watch too. While that’s undoubtedly true to a large extent, the writing and themes of the show itself have been slowly gaining a more grown-up edge. With Bluey creator Joe Brumm recently expressing how some of the show’s comedic inspiration came from The Simpsons, it’s no surprise that more than a few PG-13 jokes made it into the series.

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That said, a recent report stated that fans caught a rather unsightly image during a recent viewing. While the show certainly has a few naughty jokes hidden throughout the series, including an entire episode about farts. However, fans recently caught a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment that might have Disney pounding Ludo’s door.

Bluey Hits Below the Belt

Bandit doing yoga
Credit: Ludo Studios

A report on Yahoo News shared that fans were absolutely losing their minds over a visual gag in the episode “Mr. Monkeyjocks.” During the episode, Bandit is forced to have his breakfast on the floor as his seat is stolen by the titular plush monkey. However, viewers noticed something very peculiar about how his sausage and tomatoes were arranged.

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Users were pointing (and laughing) at the food on Bandit’s plate and how it was positioned in a rather suggestive shape in such proximity to his groin area. Being the Bluey buffs we are, we had to see if it was true, and we have the screenshots to prove it.

A blue and black cartoon dog, reminiscent of Bluey, sits on the floor holding a fork with food, looking unimpressed. In the background, another blue and black cartoon dog and a small character sit at a dining table with food. The room, designed by talented animators, has green plants and a painting on the wall.
Credit: Ludo Studio

The image above, taken from the episode in question, confirms that the visual gag does look intentionally phallic. Although this likely went over many young viewers’ heads, it’s clear that the animators did this on purpose. Moreover, it’s not the first time this has happened, either.

Repeat Offenders

An animated scene reminiscent of Bluey showcases three dogs by a swimming pool. One dog stands outside the pool, while two others enjoy the water. A transparent fence encircles the area, and in the background, a large wooden statue is highlighted with a yellow circle. Disney animators would be proud!
Credit: Inside the Magic

At this point, it’s no secret that Bluey has more than its fair share of crotch-related humor. Especially with the number of times Bandit gets nailed right in the “biscuits” in multiple episodes. However, breakfast meat isn’t the only thing being made into something suggestive, as seen in the image above.

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If you’re anything like this writer, you had to do a double take when you saw that statue behind Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie’s pool. By the shape of its base and the position of the markings on its head, it’s easy to mistake this meditating dog for a specific piece of male anatomy. However, Bluey doesn’t stop there.

In the words of author Ian Flemming, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” From the sequence above from the episode “Bob Bilby,” it’s clear that the animators at Ludo Studios know exactly what they’re doing.

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Sometimes, implication has the most genuine comedic potential. While none of the examples previously featured are as “X-rated,” as some reports might call them, it’s clear that the show and its creators have a thorough understanding of its audience. All the more reason for such a wide age range to absolutely adore Bluey.

Have you seen any dirty jokes on such an innocent cartoon? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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