Disney World Show Ends in Disaster as Drone Falls and Crashes in Front of Guests

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Four people raise Coca-Colas in front of the hot air balloon in Disney Springs

Credit: Disney

A nighttime show at Walt Disney World ended in disaster.

An image shows a colorful drone light show creating the shape of a large robot against a dark, cloudy sky. The lights are predominantly red with some blue and white, outlining the head, body, arms, and legs of the robot.
Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is home to some of the world’s most beloved theme park attractions of all time. Rides like Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad have entertained guests for decades, offering them a chance to embark on their own magical adventures.

However, live entertainment is a major part of the Disney theme park experience, with Walt Disney World recently introducing a brand-new nightly drone show for guests to enjoy.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” is a brand-new production guests can catch at Disney Springs, marking one of the first shows to be featured in the shopping district.

Disney Springs is a more relaxing and low-key location for guests to visit after they’ve had fun at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. Disney Springs offers dozens upon dozens of places to shop, drink, and eat, making for the perfect getaway for guests of all ages.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” debuted in May and has been met with extreme popularity. The first night of the show was somewhat chaotic for Disney Springs, with crowds crushing the shopping district. As time passes, the show has gotten better and better, but rehearsals still do not mean everything goes according to plan.

During a recent performance of “Disney Dreams That Soar”, one of the drones fell out of the sky and landed in the water. TikTok user @crispy_bacon04 captured the video and shared it online. The video shows the drone making an attempt to stay up, but it slowly descends until completely falling out of formation.


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♬ Ho no no no 1 – la roca

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This incident occurred during a Star Wars section of the show, during which drones were shaped like Death Stars.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” features over 800 different drones, all of which work together to create iconic images, scenery, and characters from Disney’s collection of films, shows, and experiences. The show lasts around 10 minutes, making it a great way to cap off a night at Disney Springs.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” will be presented for a limited time, ending on September 2, 2024. Guests can catch the show at 9 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. each night on the Werst Side of Disney Springs.

Disney shared the news, stating:

At Disney Springs, drones take to the skies above Lake Buena Vista with “Disney Dreams That Soar,” a summertime experience that will be a late-night perk for visitors. “You can fly” takes on a whole new meaning as we showcase Disney stories celebrating the joy of flight with state-of-the-art drones choreographed to create designs in the sky and paired with a “soaring” musical score (see what I did there?) and memorable movie quotes. After spending a day delighting in shopping, discovering fun activities and savoring diverse flavors at Disney Springs, turn your eyes to the skies above the West Side with a show amongst the stars. “Disney Dreams That Soar” will run nightly from May 24 through Sept. 2!

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This is not the first time Disney has encountered issues with drones falling from the sky. Disneyland Paris recently faced a similar issue with its drone-based nighttime shows. Earlier this year, multiple drones fell from the sky during the resort’s drone productions, with one crashing into a location near ” it’s a small world.”

A similar incident unfolded in 2023, with a drone falling and crashing.

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