Disneyland Permanently Locks Up Guest Entrance, Entry No Longer Permitted

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Turnstiles at the entrance of Disneyland Park

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Disneyland has just swapped out one of its entrances entirely.

The Disneyland Resort esplanade, looking at Disneyland Park with banners of different Disney movies and attractions
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If you plan to visit Disneyland Resort soon, you should know that how you enter will soon change.

At Disneyland Resort, when guests want to enter Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure, they must do so through Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is the shopping and dining district that introduces guests to the Disney property and welcomes them in. Unlike Walt Disney World Resort on the other side of town, Disneyland Resort has all of its theme parks and resorts located within walking distance.

In order to speed up security, guests must undergo security measures before they cross into Downtown Disney. This ensures that anyone entering the theme parks has already undergone a security search. The only exceptions to this are the private entrances into Disney California Adventure through Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel, which both have their own security at each respective entrance.

A monorail adorned with Disney characters, including Goofy and Mickey Mouse, moves along an elevated track. People walk below the track, and the entrance to Disneyland with its recognizable sign and architecture is visible in the background, illustrating a magical world despite transportation cuts.
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Lately, Disneyland security has become a little lengthy. A recent change in security protocol has left guests unable to touch their belongings when they walk through the metal scanner, slowing down the process. When guests go through security at Disneyland, things are not as swift as they are at Disney World.

Security must look through any bags you have manually, then advance to the metal detector, which means you must place all your belongings on the table next to you and walk through it. In the past, you would reach for your things, grab them, and then leave.

Now, security must grab them for you. Wait times to enter Downtown Disney, either from the Downtown Disney entrances or the parking garage entrances (Mickey & Friends parking structure, Pixar Pals parking structure, Toy Story parking area), are around 45 minutes on average.

Now, another change has commenced.

As we can see from Disney account MouseInfo, “The old muti-year “temporary” security entrance into Downtown Disney near the Disneyland Hotel has been completely removed”.

33_Wonderland took a photo of the brand-new permanent entrance, which can be seen in the X post below.

The recently unveiled entrance seamlessly integrates with the district’s existing mid-century modern aesthetic. This design language first appeared in the live entertainment stage, which opened in November 2023, and will continue with the upcoming Parkside Market food hall.

Adding a touch of artistic flair, the entrance boasts a new mural by Nikkolas Smith, a former Imagineer. Interestingly, the stage also features a tower designed by Smith, paying homage to prominent mid-century architects of color in Southern California. This commitment to a unified aesthetic ensures a visually cohesive experience for visitors to the district.

Nikkolas shared the new design on Instagram, writing, “My latest mural is at Downtown Disney and it’s now open to the public! I wanted to create an homage to the legendary Herb Ryman, and highlight many of the things that Downtown Disney’s new redesign will have to offer.”

“I still get chills seeing my Legacy tower as a focal point to this area, and I’m loving the family vibes of the entertainment on the rolling lawn, plus the new retail/dining additions. I always told myself I’d paint a piece in the iconic Ryman style. Once an Imagineer, always an Imagineer.”


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Following the recent grand opening of Paseo, Centrico, and Tiendita – three acclaimed Mexican restaurants by Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytan – the district’s culinary scene is poised for further exciting additions.

Slated to open this summer, Parkside Market will tantalize taste buds with a vibrant mix of cuisines. Seoul Sister will offer a unique fusion of Korean and Californian flavors, while Sip & Sonder will tempt visitors with its Caribbean-inspired cafe fare. GG’s Chicken Shop promises comfort food delights for families, while Al Fresco Bar will elevate the social scene with its handcrafted cocktails and mocktails.

Two highly anticipated Southern California restaurants are joining the district this summer. Din Tai Fung, renowned for its signature dumplings and iconic roofline, will take center stage on the west end.

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, a beloved local favorite, will replace the current Earl of Sandwich location. But worry not, Earl of Sandwich fans! Your favorite sandwiches will soon be available at a new two-story location, offering quick service downstairs and a gastropub experience upstairs.

Decorative blue entry arch bearing the "downtown disney" sign above a walkway leading to various shops and eateries, with people walking and green trees under a clear sky.
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While details remain under wraps, the spaces previously occupied by Tortilla Jo’s and its adjacent quick-service taquería will be transformed into a mouthwatering steakhouse and a new barbecue dining concept. This exciting addition hints at an even more diverse culinary adventure for future visitors.

This rephrased version avoids overly casual language and emphasizes the diverse culinary experiences awaiting visitors. It also maintains a focus on upcoming additions while acknowledging the popular Earl of Sandwich location change. All of this, with the approval of DisneylandForward and the news of the new Avatar expansion, proves that Disneyland is on the tip of a massive revitalization.

What do you think of Disney’s new security checkpoint? 

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