Hundreds Denied Immediate Access to Disney Parks Due to New Heightened Security Measures

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A busy entrance to Disneyland with a crowd of visitors walking through the gates. A red circle highlights an even larger, dense crowd of people in another section of the park, showcasing a bustling day at the theme park.

Credit: Inside the Magic (circle photo: Fresh Baked, X)

Disneyland Resort has changed its security policy rules and regulations, which has resulted in a much larger pile-up at the parks with guests attempting to get inside.

Disneyland incident - A wide shot of the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park in California.
Credit: Disney

When guests visit any Disney park worldwide, they must first undergo a security screening. At Walt Disney Worlds, a new touchless scanner system has been implemented that can scan both people and bags at the same time, going off only when certain metals or objects are detected. When this happens, guests will have to have their bags checked and undergo a metal detector wand test to ensure safety for the theme parks.

This new method has sped up entry into Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as guests do not have to have their bags searched anymore individually.

A security metal detector in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.
Credit: Inside the Magic

At Disneyland Resort, there is one security screening for Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney, as all are located in the same space, unlike Walt Disney World. This means that security lines can end up longer, as they are guests lining up to go to more than one park. Additionally, the metal detectors at Disneyland Resort are the classic scanners which will go off if any metal goes by, and does not show photographic imaging of the inside of bags.

Because of this, guests must remove their belongings and all metal before going through the scanner, and anyone with a bag or stroller will have their belongings searched. While this is essential for guest safety, it does create a slower entry process for guests looking to enter the parks, especially when everyone is coming in in the mornings.

Matt DH share the news that guests can no longer touch their items when going through the metal detector to slide it forward as they exit, now, security must do it for you, placing your items like a phone or wallet in a scooped dish.

Disneyland has somehow made security at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure less efficient. You no longer slide your own items forward you have to wait for the security guard to go grab a bowl for you to put your stuff in then wait for them to slide it forward. They also take your bag and slide it forward for you and there’s a plastic shield separating people from their items for some reason. It looks like a TSA security checkpoint that someone ordered from Temu.

Others have confirmed in the post’s comment section that this testing has been ongoing at Disneyland recently, creating long lines at the Harbor entrance to the parks as well.

Disney content creators Fresh Baked shared the result of the new testing method, with hundreds of guests waiting in giant lines to go through security to enter Downtown Disney.

This line was at 9:40 a.m. in the morning. However, it was reported that these lines looked similar at 5:00 p.m. While some guests believe this was done for Grad Night specifically, it has been in its testing phase for multiple days. Overall, fans are not thrilled to see these new protocols were put into place, as it makes it much harder to enter the parks. The comments on this post are also flooded with guests wondering why Disney World’s security method has not yet been added to Disneyland.

On a positive note, Disneyland has been changing its entry scan stations to make entering Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure much easier. Typically, guests had to feed a paper ticket through the machine, have their photo taken by a cast member, and then enter the park. Now, there are scanners akin to the ones seen in Disneyland Paris that simply open once your ticket is scanned, speeding up the entry process once guests have made it inside the property.

A Mickey Mouse head made of flowers in front of the Disneyland Railroad
Credit: Disney

Considering we are starting to see an influx of disappointing guest behavior at the Disney parks, it is not too shocking to see security protocols enhanced. One of the more notable recent disasters was the streaking man who jumped off of a boat in “it’s a small world” and removed his clothes. The streaker was kicked out and arrested, and sadly, is one example of many.

Soon, Disneyland Hotel will have its own entrance into Downtown Disney.

As construction progresses in Downtown Disney, Disneyland Hotel is undergoing a significant change, including a new security checkpoint.

The current main entrance, located across from the iconic Sorcerer Mickey Hat, will soon transition into a private security checkpoint reserved exclusively for hotel guests, much like Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and the new Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel.

Disney's Pixar Place hotel in Disneyland
Credit: Inside the Magic

This move aims to streamline access for Disneyland Hotel residents. Non-hotel visitors seeking entry to Downtown Disney from the hotel will be directed to a new general entrance situated at the former AMC Theater location. This area is also slated to receive a new lawn space, further enhancing the resort’s ambiance.

The implementation of these security changes will occur over the next few months. Upon completion, Disneyland Hotel will join the ranks of Pixar Place Hotel (formerly Paradise Pier Hotel) and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, both of which already boast private entrances leading directly to Disney California Adventure Park.

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