Woman Unprotected, Worst Fear Realized at Disney World

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The Hollywood Tower Hotel, a fictional eerie hotel with a vintage sign illuminated against a stormy night sky at Disney World, struck by lightning.

Credit: Disney

A Disney guest’s worst fear was realized when she was holidaying with her family at Disney World’s Coronado Springs resort.

Holidaying at the Walt Disney World Resort is always an experience to write home about, and usually, this is because of the amazing rides and attractions on offer at the Central Florida Disney Park. From classic rides like Space Mountain to immersive lands like Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park that leaves visitors wanting more.

However, being in Central Florida, Disney World is not exempt from the realities of the swamp-filled city of Orlando. And, recently, a woman enjoying that quintessential Disney Park vacation at Disney World certainly had an experience to write home about when she got the fright of her life.

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle
Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Chris Dikos. Flickr

One of the most interesting facts about the state of Florida is that 31% of the Sunshine State is covered by wetlands and swamps. It’s an estimated 10.2 million acres.

Wetlands as an ecosystem support specific types of lifeforms—flora and fauna alike. Florida residents and visitors (though the former are certainly better equipped to deal with this) will note a variety of interesting animals: mammals, reptiles, and birds around the area.

Some common examples of reptiles found in the Florida wetlands include the American Alligator, caiman, American crocodile, eastern indigo snake, loggerhead, green turtle, black swamp snake, green iguana, timber rattlesnake, and more.

When it comes to the city of Orlando, its geography is mostly wetlands, consisting of many lakes and swamps. In addition, its terrain is generally flat, making the land fairly low and wet.

All of this means that since Disney World is situated in “fairly low and wet” Orlando, it’s as subject to reptile sightings as any other part of the city, especially considering the water bodies surrounding the theme park.

Tree of Life Awakenings Holiday Edition at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park / Credit: Disney

Guests have encountered a variety of snakes, ‘gators, and even animals like bears at Walt Disney World. However, these are often at different levels of proximity.

A guest at Disney’s Riviera hotel recently encountered a snake during their stay, which prompted other guests to share their own close encounters at the Disney Resort.

The guest explained,

We were on the lounge chairs at Coronado and my wife turns to my sister in law who is afraid of snakes. “Don’t panic, remain calm” to which my SIL says “of course what?”.

Well there was a small danger noodle under her chair and she freaks out lol. Was quite funny. Scared the snake almost as much as her!

Good reminder tho, the Disney bubble does not protect against nature, accidents, or stubbed toes.

Guests entering Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort
Guests entering Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park / Credit: Paul Hudson, Flickr

While everyone got out of the situation unharmed, it’s certainly one that left the woman in question well-frightened, in turn scaring the snake as well!

Have you ever seen a snake at the Walt Disney World Resort? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments!

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