Tim Burton Dishes Out Fan Service in New ‘Beetlejuice’ Footage

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A person in a black and white striped suit with wild hair and dark eye makeup stands in a green-lit room, reminiscent of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. They look mischievous with hands slightly raised, surrounded by various objects and structures that add to the eerie atmosphere, as if from spooky vintage footage.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Ghost with the Most is back and better than ever in Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (2024), and so are all his tricks and treats. As the premiere date inches ever closer, fans were treated to some new footage jam-packed with easter eggs and references guaranteed to grab any Burton fan’s attention.

After spending decades in the Netherworld (and a few years on the Broadway stage), Beetlejuice is back, and so are a few other friends from the original 1988 movie. Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Catherine O’Hara have all returned for this outlandish sequel. Tim Burton doesn’t disappoint with the tremendous amount of fan service seen in the new trailer.

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In an age where sequels, reboots, and remakes abound, filmmakers must make an extra effort to ensure fans return for more. So, keeping with tradition, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice presents itself with more than a few familiar faces to grab our attention.

Burton and Beetlejuice are Back

Burton next to Beetlejuice
Credit: Inside the Magic

With titles like Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) under his belt, Tim Burton has developed a reputation for having a specific style and utilizing certain tropes. Pale and wide-eyed characters, skeletons, ghosts, monsters, twisted patterns, and pinstripes are just a few of the hallmarks of a Tim Burton production, and the new trailer has more than a few.

Given the current filmmaking culture, any sequel or reboot needs to give more than a few nods to the original film (apart from the apparent setting and setpieces) while keeping things fresh. The spooky new sequel might have a new story, but eagle-eyed viewers will notice more than a few familiar frights and fixtures in the footage above.

Lydia’s Original Outfit

A group of four people dressed in dark, gothic-style clothing stands side by side outdoors. One woman, channeling a Beetlejuice vibe, wears a black hat and red gloves while the others don long coats. A car is visible in the background amidst trees and a cloudy sky, reminiscent of Tim Burton's eerie film footage.
Credit: Warner Bros.

What better way to reintroduce a familiar character than by giving them their original look? Played by a young Winona Ryder in 1988, Lydia Deetz was many a young viewer’s gothic awakening, and she brings that energy back in full swing with a semi-updated revival of that classic black dress and up-do.

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Ryder is definitely an icon, and while this is indeed an older, more experienced Lydia, she still has that likable “strange and unusual” quality that made fans love her in the original film. Now that she’s a mother to Jenna Ortega’s Astrid, it feels like that apple didn’t fall far from the tree, at least in terms of style.

“Me Say Day-O!”

Catherine O'Hara in Beetlejuice
Credit: Warner Bros

Unless you’ve taken a Caribbean cruise, the original Beetlejuice was likely the first place you heard “The Banana Boat Song,” made famous by Harry Belafonte. Essentially the theme song to the movie, along with the compositions by the delightfully delirious Danny Elfman, no Beetlejuice project would be complete without it.

Not only is the song rearranged as a choral variant at the beginning of the trailer, but the zombies on the staircase in the footage seem to repeat the same choreography seen at the dinner table in the original film.  If it works, it works!

Delia’s Sculptures

A dimly lit room features abstract sculptures coated with snow, reminiscent of Tim Burton's distinct style in movies like Beetlejuice. A slender tree-shaped figure and several spherical objects with tendrils adorn the scene, while the background is illuminated by a blue-tinted grid of frosted glass blocks.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Even without the ghosts in the Maitland House, the sculptures by Lydia’s eccentric stepmother give the place a strange and unusual vibe. While seen outside as yard ornaments, it’s safe to assume these are the same statues that came to life when Beetlejuice took over the house in the original film.

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Knowing what fans know about how these things are shaped, they have a sort of Chekov’s Gun quality. They might not be as threatening as they were in the first film, but it’s only a matter of time before they fall under some paranormal influence.

The Explorer

A creature with bulging eyes and prominent teeth appears in a beige trench coat, reminiscent of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. The creature has a skeletal face with mottled skin texture, giving it a creepy and otherworldly appearance. A person with curly hair in a floral shirt is partially visible on the left in the new footage.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Part of what made Tim Burton’s Land of the Dead so memorable was how outlandish some of the ghouls and ghosts were. While many of them met their ends in a gruesome or over-the-top fashion, few were as visually memorable as the explorer with the shrunken head seen in the afterlife’s waiting room.

From the implications of how he died to the bug-eyed expression that absolutely screams Burton, the explorer is one of the most visually striking characters in the original film. Judging by his multiple appearances in the trailer, he might become more than just set-dressing in the new sequel.

“She Meant Nothin’ To Me”

Delores, Beetlejuice's possible wife.
Credit: Warner Bros.

One of the most interesting additions to the sequel is Monica Bellucci’s character, Delores, said to be Beetlejuice’s wife. Her Frankenstein-like appearance feels very on par for a Burton film, but she has one little feature that’s a big callback to the climax of the original movie.

When Beetlejuice tries to marry Lydia, he produces a wedding ring still attached to a severed finger in a ghoulish throwaway gag. However, that haunted chicken has come home to roost. Take a look at which one of her fingers is missing in the trailer. Could Beetlejuice have ripped her to pieces?

Stop-Motion Sandworms of Saturn

A scene reminiscent of Tim Burton's style, featuring a large, menacing worm-like creature with sharp teeth, black and white stripes, and a red eye. The Beetlejuice-like creature is approaching an open white door standing in a surreal, colorful landscape with a blue sky and yellow ground dotted with red shapes.
Credit: Warner Bros.

“Sandworms, ya hate em’ right?” Just like “Day-O,” no Beetlejuice return would be complete without the giant, stripey, stop-motion Sandworm that looks fresh from Tim Burton’s sketchbook. While Saturn looks like it’s been swapped for Arrakis, the giant B-movie monster remains intact.

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It might be 2024, but there’s definitely something delightfully kitschy about seeing a stop-motion monster amongst modern techniques. Along with Beetlejuice himself, the Sandworm is definitely one of the most essential elements.

Did we miss anything? Tell Inside the Magic what easter eggs you caught in the comments below!

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