Pro-Palestinian Protestors Have Landed on Disney’s Front Door

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Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, looks seriously in front of the flags of Palestine & Israel.

Credit: Inside the Magic

The nation has been gripped by the pro-Palestinian protests that have erupted on college campuses across the country. From Columbia in New York to UCLA in Los Angeles to the University of Florida, thousands of college students have been arrested protesting the Israel/Hamas War.

Those pro-Palestinian protests have started to come for the Walt Disney Company and its films and theme parks. Those calling for a boycott are claiming that Disney has somehow funded the genocide in Palestine.

Wolverine and Deadpool stand in the middle of a deserted street, dressed in their superhero costumes, with a damaged pharmacy and debris in the background.
Credit: Marvel Studios

On October 7, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, taking hundreds of citizens hostage and killing thousands. Since that attack, Israel has waged an offensive in the Gaza Strip, killing thousands of Palestinian civilians.

The Walt Disney Company found itself in the middle of this conflict shortly after it began. After donating $1 million to the Magen David Adom, an affiliate of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and another $1 million to nonprofit agencies working in the area to protect children, Disney appeared to find some middle ground.

But, like many other people who have tried to find some middle ground in this conflict, Disney ended up angering those who are pro-Palestinian for not offering direct aid to those children suffering in Gaza. A groundswell started online, calling for a boycott of Disney, with one user telling his followers to “pirate all of Disney’s so not a penny makes it to the studio.”

As we head into the warmer months, pro-Palestinian protestors aim at Disney’s most significant release of the year: Marvel Studios’ Deadpool and Wolverine (2024), starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Pro-Palestinian supporters are urging people to boycott the film and protest outside theaters.

One post read:

Boycott Disney. If you are a fan of Marvel/Disney and support Palestian, I strongly urge you to boycott the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie that’s releasing in July. 

This movie is undoubtedly the biggest movie releasing by Disney this year and a box office failure would show the pressure we can amount to. Disney is funding a genocide. 

The person who wrote this post, and others just like it, is hoping that a pressure campaign on Disney will somehow stop IsraeIsrael’saign in Gaza, but that seems unlikely.

It is also important to note that Disney had nothing to do with the horrific terrorist attacks on October 7 or the killing of innocent people in Gaza that has gone on since. The Walt Disney Company also donated millions of dollars to help children in the region.

Deadpool, in his iconic red and black suit, stands next to Wolverine, who appears rugged with a beard, set against an industrial backdrop.
Credit: Marvel Studios

However, Disney and Marvel Studios are under pressure for Deadpool and Wolverine to succeed. Late last year, Disney juggled its release schedule, moving Captain America: Brave New World to 2025, making the Reynolds/Jackman film the only release from Marvel this year.

Earlier this year, pro-Palestinian protestors called for fans to boycott Disney+ and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. However, those protests appeared unsuccessful, as the concert documentary was a massive hit for Disney+.

It remains to be seen whether these protestors will be successful. Disney will have to wait and see when the film is released in July.

What do you think of calls to protest Deadpool and Wolverine? 

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