DeSantis Slams Disney, Backs Israel

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DeSantis in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort

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During a visit to Jerusalem, DeSantis slams Disney while showing his support for Israel.

Ron DeSantis and Minnie Mouse in Disney World
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Disney CEO Bob Iger and Gov DeSantis Both Support Israel

According to a CNN report, Florida Gov Ron DeSantis’s war with Disney “overshadowed his visit” to Jerusalem. Though there is an ongoing international tragedy in Israel, DeSantis took the chance to address issues with the Disney district and the latest questions regarding his attempts toward Republican appointment.

The visit comes amidst a DeSantis overseas trade tour, speaking in the UK and Asia. It was during this tour that the Israel feud erupted. However, most focus remained on Florida law and the DeSantis feud with Disney.

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DeSantis at inauguration in Tampa
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Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Plans to Run for President

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s platform relies heavily on the Disney feud that started with Reedy Creek. What was seen as government retaliation by some (against the conservative bill, now called “Don’t Say Gay”) is viewed as favorable legislation by others.

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DeSantis cited that Disney lacks accountability, transparency, and merit. During his trip, DeSantis slams Disney despite the Walt Disney Company’s substantial donation to Israel.

He called Jerusalem the “eternal capital of the Jewish people,” using this to tie back to Disney and show how Florida lawmakers fight against antisemitism through its decisions about Disney.

An image to the left of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a photo to the right of the Magic Kingdom castle with a vs. graphic in the middle.
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Walt Disney World Major Focal Point for Governor DeSantis

According to DeSantis, “We treat antisemitism the way we treat racism,” he said. “So if it is not appropriate to attack someone based on their race – which it is not – it should not also somehow be OK to engage in anti-Semitic tropes.”

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This is an apparent reference to the issues with Disney historically and the anti-Semitic messages in Jacksonville during a football game. Per CNN, this strengthens DeSantis’ relationship with Israel.

A billboard advertising the Future Site of the Israel pavilion, it reads "The Old Meets the New in the 'Land of the Bible.' Israel"
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DeSantis Equates Woke War With Disney as Combating “Scourge of Antisemitism”

It’s been suggested that the Walt Disney Company has a history of antisemitism in character depictions. And with the international conflict coming simultaneously with his running for office, it becomes a clear source of ammunition against Disney.

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CNN notes, “DeSantis was warmly received at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s [RJC] annual leadership meeting, the first major Republican cattle call in the 2024 White House race.” it shows that ties to Israel from the Republican party are long-standing.

Ron DeSantis speaking, Bob Iger (Disney CEO) looking pensive.
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Dissent Against DeSantis

Walt Disney Company donated $2 million to Israel via Disney CEO Bob Iger. It shows ongoing dedication to supporting Israel in Central Florida and internationally. Despite Governor DeSantis actively supporting the area, according to Mel Sembler, an RJC board member, “He’s got to get elected president to accomplish anything over there.”

What do you think about the accusations of Walt Disney being anti-Semitic and DeSantis using it as a political platform? Share your take below!

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