Popular Fast Food Chains Taking Over Disney Theme Parks, Multiple Locations Being Built

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A split image showcases Disneyland on the left, bathed in dusk's glow with its iconic castle, while the right side features a vibrant box of Krispy Kreme donuts, boasting an array of chocolate-covered and candy-topped delights—a delightful nod to a magical partnership between Disney and Krispy Kreme.

Credit: Disney, Krispy Kreme (Edit ITM)

Disney is partnering with a world-renowned chain to offer visitors delicious treats near the theme parks.

A vibrant amusement park on a sunny day featuring a futuristic, golden, planet-themed ride in the foreground. In the background, a large, conical space-themed building with colorful details stands, with several people walking around the area.
Credit: Disneyland Paris

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Over the last few decades, The Walt Disney Company has collaborated with countless companies and brands to bring its fans an unprecedented amount of entertainment. This trend extends to Disney’s theme parks, with Disney partnering with hundreds of companies to deliver unforgettable experiences at places like Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Disney’s latest partnership will certainly excite those with a sweet tooth. Disney and Krispy Kreme are set to open a brand-new location near the European theme parks.

This was confirmed by DLP Report, which shares ongoing news updates about the Disneyland Paris Resort. This new Krispy Kreme location is currently being built at the Disneyland Paris Marne-La-Vallée train station, meaning guests will be able to grab a donut or two (or a dozen) before or after their day at the parks.

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Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced a brand-new partnership with Krispy Kreme, revealing that the fast-food chain would feature donuts on its menu within the next few years. A new McDonald’s location is currently being built at Disneyland Paris, indicating that Krispy Kreme’s grasp on the European resort will soon reach even further.

The addition of a new Krispy Kreme location comes as the entire Disneyland Paris Resort undergoes one of its most transformational periods of all time. Both theme parks and its shopping district are closing several locations. These projects have been in the making for years, with Walt Disney Studios Park receiving the most upgrades.

This theme park has struggled for quite some time, with many criticizing its selection of rides and attractions and overall theme. This all changed earlier this year when Disneyland Paris announced the park would receive significant upgrades and a brand new name.

Now, guests will call the park Disney Adventure World, which better matches the park’s current theming and features. Disney Adventure World is where guests will find locations like Avengers Campus and rides like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, with the park featuring some of the more thrilling experiences at the resort.

However, Disneyland Park has also received several upgrades.

A horse-drawn trolley travels down a bustling street in a theme park with a castle in the background. The street is lined with colorful buildings, and people are walking and enjoying the scenery. Two people are riding on the trolley, which has festive decorations.
Credit: Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris is home to two theme parks, Disney Adventure World and Disneyland Park. The resort also features a dedicated shopping and dining area similar to Disney Springs called Disney Village.

This shopping hub has also received several upgrades in recent months, and multiple locations, like the Coca-Cola store and LEGO store, have recently closed.

Fans are eagerly anticipating all of the new additions coming to Disneyland Paris, with excitement about the resort’s future at an all-time high.

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