Disney World Guests Flee and Take Cover After Multiple Gunshots Heard

in Walt Disney World

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A family vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando was forced to flee and take cover after gunshots were heard and the streets around their rental home were flooded with “hundreds of kids,” according to the mother.

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Disney World Emergencies

Although the Walt Disney World Resort is the planet’s most popular and frequently visited theme park, it is also the site of a distressing number of emergencies.

Health issues caused by heatstroke in the Florida heat are a regular occurrence at Disney World and become more dangerous every year, despite the state’s recent legislation against worker heat protections. Similarly, the increasingly volatile weather patterns around Orlando are frequently causing emergency evacuations and shutdowns at Magic Kingdom.

Disney World is also becoming a hot spot for infectious disease breakouts and warnings, particularly with the emergence of new COVID-19 variants and the resurgence of measles infections in the United States due to sharp drops in vaccination rates and medical misinformation.

Disney World measles Orlando - A measles outbreak sign in front of the Magic Kingdom castle.
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While all of the above are dangerous and alarming for Disney World Guests, it is even more terrifying that violent incidents at Disney Parks and theme parks nationwide are becoming more prevalent. Magic Kingdom is particularly prone to police intervention because it is located just off the Interstate 4 Highway, which is notorious for traffic issues and high-speed law enforcement chases, none of which are particularly good for a peaceful family vacation.

There has been a distressing rise in gun-related incidents in and near theme parks across the United States in the last year, which can arguably be correlated with the continual increase in mass shootings and gun violence in the last decade.

In October 2023, an armed criminal suspect was shot to death by police just outside of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, while Six Flags Over Georgia went on lockdown earlier this year after a massive brawl of teens resulted in the shooting of a 15-year-old.

A police officer in reflective gear on duty near the road with a six flags over georgia sign in the background.
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“I Hear This Voice Scream, ‘Party’s Over!’”

The incident at Six Flags Over Georgia has shocking parallels to this latest incident at the Walt Disney World Resort. Both events involved a supposedly family-friendly environment intended for recreation, both saw an area mysteriously flooded with rowdy youths, and both resulted in police intervention and gunshots.

Kelleen Reddy was visiting Disney World for a family vacation with a party of 14, including five children (per WTRF), until the visit was marred by unexplained gun violence. Reddy says that the Magic Kingdom trip was for “my brother Guy’s 40th birthday. We had the fun shirts made…We arrived Sunday, the 19th. We checked into our rental home and then we kicked the parks off right away Monday.”

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Reddy and her family were staying in a rental home in Kissimmee, a Florida town noted for its proximity to Disney World and a popular landing zone for Disney Guests. Reddy specifically cited the available rental homes for Disney visitors as the reason for staying in the area, saying, “We made sure it was a gated community. That was one of the biggest priorities for us, not knowing the area and security.”

However, upon returning to the Kissimmee rental home on Friday night, Kelleen Reddy says the atmosphere turned frightening, and the area was clogged with numerous unruly individuals. She said, “It was just jam-packed with cars that Uber almost had to go on the sidewalk to get around and zig-zag. Hundreds of kids just in the street.”

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Things quickly escalated as the evening proceeded, and the Reddy family retreated to their rental:

“And as I’m laying there, I hear this voice scream, ‘party’s over!’ and 30 seconds later, a single gunshot. And I grabbed my two-year-old. I get her into a bathroom in a bathtub for extra protection, and then it just sounded like fireworks, just nonstop fireworks going off…we’re still trying to process how all those cars and people were allowed in the area at 2 in the morning.”

Florida law enforcement reported the shooting occurred at a house party immediately next door to the Reddy family rental, which must have been horrifying to discover.

Kelleen Reddy continued, “I think the safety of rentals needs to be locked down altogether. They need to do a better job. They need to be more diligent in checking if their security cameras are working, and they can actually see how many people are outside of their rental property.”

The trend of violent incidents at Disney World seems to show no sign of slowing down, but at least this time, a Guest family was unharmed.

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