Guests Bitten During Wild Disneyland Theme Park Attack

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A wild incident occurred at the Disneyland Resort over the weekend, prompting a quick response from cast members.

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The Disney theme parks are known for being incredibly fun and magical places for families to visit. From thrilling roller coasters to immersive dark rides, there’s something for everyone of any age to enjoy. The Disney theme parks are notorious for their family-friendly atmosphere, and while things can get intense on rides like Expedition Everest and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, places like Walt Disney World and Disneyland are very family-oriented resorts.

Part of what makes the Disney theme parks so great is the excellent employees who work there. These employees are known as cast members and work tirelessly to ensure guests have a magical day. Disney cast members can be seen at the front gates of the theme parks, inside ride queues, and working at various restaurants around the resort. Disney cast members help maintain the theme parks, working hard to ensure they are as clean and spotless as possible.

However, safety is also a major concern for cast members, as they work hard to protect themselves and others.

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Last weekend, a troubling incident occurred at the Disneyland Resort. According to a post on Reddit, a group of geese bit a guest, prompting a quick response from nearby cast members.

The post claims that a group of high schoolers were chasing some geese through Adventureland when a goose bit one of the guests. A few cast members witnessed the incident, prompting them to act as “bodyguards” for other guests.

A few photos of this situation were taken and shared online.

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The post sparked a discussion on the official Disneyland Subreddit, with several guests sending warnings about wild geese.

“I’ve seen so many kids act absolutely heinous towards birds in the park,” stated one guest in response. “Put your kids on a leash if they don’t know how to behave. There’s no excuse for behavior like that from kids that old.”

Another guest warned that geese can be exceptionally aggressive.

“They are Canada Geese. We Canadians call them cobra chickens. We fear them. Keep your distance. This is not a joke.”

While the Disney theme parks are famous for their immersive lands, incredible attractions, and exceptional atmosphere, they are still all located in the real world, with animal encounters being somewhat normal and expected. Animals can be seen all across the Disney parks, with the original Disneyland Resort being famous for its collection of stray cats. Birds and bugs are the most common animals you will encounter during your Disney vacation, but larger and more frightening animals like snakes also call Disney home.

The Walt Disney World Resort is a great example, as the theme parks are somewhat infamous for their collection of different reptiles, ranging anywhere from small lizards to large alligators. Most of these animals are harmless, but Disney still goes to great lengths to protect guests. Dozens of warning signs line the various bodies of water at Walt Disney World.

Have you ever encountered a wild animal while visiting Disneyland?

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