Fight Breaks Out on Pirates of the Caribbean as Family Screams at Disney Cast Member

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Nowhere at Walt Disney World Resort is the magic more present than at the Magic Kingdom. Guests walking through the tunnels into the Magic Kingdom will even see a sign that reads, “Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow And Fantasy”. The quintessential Disney World theme park is full of incredible rides and attractions, mouthwatering food, memorable character meet-and-greets, and enough shopping spots to make your head spin.

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One of the Magic Kingdom’s most iconic attractions is Pirates of the Caribbean — the ride that spawned one of Disney’s most popular and successful live-action film franchises. Pirates of the Caribbean transports guests to the 17th century, where they ride through a town that has been overtaken by a notorious pirate crew. There is pillaging, plundering, rifling, and looting. And we can’t forget, drinking — drunk up me hearties, yo ho!

Riding Pirates of the Caribbean is a must-do for many people who visit the Magic Kingdom. Sadly, some guest’s experience at the attraction was ruined because of another family that was incredibly loud and rude. However, when they were confronted about their inappropriate behavior, they allegedly took it to another level.

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According to Reddit user kmas0_0, the family not only screamed at other guests, but they also screamed at and tried to bully a Walt Disney World cast member. They shared the disturbing story on Reddit.

What an afternoon we had yesterday at MK. Waiting in line at pirates, this large family behind us was sooo loud to the point where it was affecting my ear (deaf in left ear, right ear is sensitive). I understand kids being loud, but adults? Anyways, one of the adults screamed so loud it caused a pain in my right ear so I asked kindly if they could not be so loud. Well, bad idea. Instead of being kind or saying “hey no promises but we’ll try”, he proceeds to say “if you don’t like how loud we are then don’t come to Disney”. He additionally called us imbeciles and then faced the line and yells “hey everyone shhh be quiet they don’t like how loud the line is” (definitely a bully moment).

Once we approached the cast member for seating I kindly asked if we could sit in a separate boat than them, when suddenly that same guy starts yelling at her and goes “we don’t want to be on the same boat as them they think we’re too loud” (mind you two other adults in his party were yelling at her too/backing their friend up causing so much commotion). Thank you cast member, because she gave him the biggest attitude/stank face ever and was nice to us.

I rarely go to MK (always stick to the other 3), but it left such a sour note. I’ve been going to Disney every year since I was 6 y.o. and never had that happen to me. Guess I’ve been lucky, there’s a first time for everything!!

Pirates Altercation
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Sadly, the OP (Original Poster) was not alone in their experience with rude and unruly guests. Commenters also shared the times they encountered rude guests. And it wasn’t just at the Magic Kingdom, it was all over Walt Disney World Resort.

I had a similar experience in the bar inside Mexico at epcot a few years ago. this group of middle ages moms were already blackout drunk at 2pm, and shoved their way to the bar to order (this was before they had a line you had to wait in outside) they shoved me a couple of times, hit me with their hair and screamed at the bartender directly in my ear before I finally said something. they reacted very similarly to this group, and ganged up on me at the bar and just kept screaming and shoving me.

when I went to go leave with my drink, they created a barracade and I had to shove my way through them to get out, and then they tried to follow me out do the Pavillion claiming they’ll sue me for assault (lol)

I ended up walking to guest services to warn them about the group. they gave me some fast passes (I’m realizing how old this story is RIP fast passes) and as I was walking back towards Mexico, I saw the group being escorted out of the Pavillion.

I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope it doesn’t stay with you for too long. there’s shitty people everywhere, but any time I’ve had an issue the cast members make it right.

Donald Mexico
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Cast members do NOT have to accept or put up with any kind of abuse from guests, ever. The cast member would have been well within her rights to call Disney security and have them escorted from the park. Ever the professional, this cast member kept the magic alive for the OP and made sure they enjoyed their ride into the Caribbean.

If you do encounter a confrontational guest, please do not confront them yourself. Take note of where you are and what the guest is wearing (especially their shoes if you can), and find the nearest cast member or Disney security guard. You do not want to put yourself in danger by confronting a stranger.

What do you think should happen to guests who behave that way? Let us know in the comments!

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