Guest Narrowly Avoids Being Stabbed on Disney Attraction; Warns Others Not To Make This Mistake

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Frozen-themed Skyliner

Credit: Disney

When visiting the Disney theme parks, many fans enjoy the fact that Disney cast members go above and beyond to make sure that guests are kept safe and secure during the entirety of their visit. For many, the feeling of being able to relax and have fun without the fear of personal safety is a huge benefit of visiting the parks.

However, as much as they try, Disney cannot protect the safety of each and every guest 100% of the time. Recently, one guest shared a near-miss with an injury that they experienced at the Disney theme park. In order to help protect future guests from this fate, she issued a PSA for all fans visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

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The Skyliner at Walt Disney World.
Credit: Inside the Magic (Luke D.)

Guest Shares PSA for Fans Riding Disney’s Skyliner

Disney pins are cherished collector’s items that have become synonymous with the Disney experience. These small, colorful pieces of memorabilia are not only fun to collect but also serve as beautiful keepsakes from visits to Disney parks around the world.

From limited edition pins to open edition ones, there is a wide variety available to cater to every taste and preference. Disney pin trading adds an extra element of excitement and camaraderie to the park experience, allowing guests to interact with cast members and fellow pin enthusiasts. While this hobby seems incredibly innocent to most, it did nearly cause an injury for one recent guest of Walt Disney World Resort.

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Check Your Seats!

According to a post made on FaceBook, one guest was riding the Disneyland Skyliner when they narrowly avoided being stabbed by a Disney pin that had been left pin-side-up on the seat. Thankfully, the guest was able to check the seats before anyone sat down. The post says:

“Hey mama! Fair warning… pat your seat before sitting down with family, finding pins on the skyliner face up with the open pin needle”
disney trading pins
Credit: Disney Parks
While pins should be able to stay on with their secured backing, unfortunately, they can fall off when worn around the parks. It is always a smart idea to check on ride seats for any left-behind items that could cause you or any other guests harm. This tip is a great one to keep in mind for your next Disney theme park vacation!

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