Disney World Raises Prices for Thousands on Eve of Holiday Weekend, Guests in an Uproar

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Walt Disney World Resort is bracing for what Orlando International Airport calls nearly one million “record-breaking” people heading to Central Florida, which means many folks will be flocking to the Disney parks. Good luck if you’re looking to spend less between now and Monday, as one particular experience has skyrocketed yet again.

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Disney World Genie+ To See Huge Price Increase as Crowds Descend Upon Central Florida Through Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday of May, is a federal holiday in the United States dedicated to honoring and remembering military personnel who have died in service. It also marks the unofficial start of summer, making it a popular time for vacations and travel across the country.

As one of the most significant travel holidays in the U.S., Memorial Day weekend sees millions of Americans taking to the roads, skies, and railways for a mini-vacation.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), nearly 42 million Americans are expected to travel over the Memorial Day weekend. A substantial number will opt for road trips, while others will prefer flying to various destinations.

Given its status as one of the most beloved vacation destinations in the country, Disney World experiences a notable influx of visitors during this time. Families take advantage of the long weekend to visit the parks, leading to increased crowd sizes and longer wait times.

With crowds and wait times going up, you can guess that the popular Genie+ service that Disney offers to guests will also be increasing, and it’s already taking place as we speak. Genie+ is free for guests, so they can plan their days and get in line for virtual queues.

But if you’re looking to bypass the regular lines, that will cost you a pretty penny as prices have surged past $20 and reached as high as $29 per guest for the Multiple Parks option or each park.

The Disney World Genie+ logo over a large crowd entering Magic Kingdom Park.
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The popular data analytical Thrill Data site on social media posted the following yesterday as prices began to climb again towards that usual summer high of nearly $40, with prices again reaching almost $30, and it’s only Saturday, with two more weekend Holiday days to go. Thrill Data is the go-to site for accurate and timely information on crowd levels, wait times, and future Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort plans.

Disney Genie+ is back up to a maximum price of $29 per person for the Magic Kingdom and Park Hopper options to start #MemorialDayWeekend at #WaltDisneyWorld

@ThrillData on X

Disney World often introduces special events, parades, and shows during holiday weekends, drawing additional crowds. For many families, Memorial Day weekend is an ideal time to kick off their summer vacations, with Disney World being a top choice for its wide range of attractions and entertainment options. Disney World often extends its operating hours to accommodate the holiday crowds, allowing guests more time to enjoy the park’s offerings.

While one might expect higher costs to deter visitors, the opposite effect can often be observed. The price hike signifies a high demand for the service, indicating that guests are willing to pay a premium for a more streamlined experience in the parks. This willingness to spend more on services like Genie+ reflects the overall popularity and enduring appeal of Disney World as a top vacation destination.

The icon for the Disney World paid service, Genie+ inside of Magic Kingdom Park.
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Genie+ remains a valuable tool for maximizing park time, especially during peak periods, despite the increased cost. Guests who invest in Genie+ can enjoy shorter wait times for popular rides, making their visits more efficient and enjoyable. Consequently, the availability of such a service encourages more people to visit the parks, knowing they can make the most of their time there.

Memorial Day weekend is a significant travel period in the United States, dramatically increasing visitors to major attractions like Disney World. Families and tourists flock to the park to enjoy the long weekend, special events, and the beginning of summer vacation. This influx can lead to higher prices and crowded conditions, so planning and preparation are essential for anyone visiting.

Secure park reservations and Genie+ passes as early as possible. This ensures access to desired parks and attractions, particularly during busy periods. Plan a flexible schedule that allows for adjustments based on real-time crowd conditions. The key is to plan, stay informed, and utilize the tools and services available to enhance the overall experience.

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