Don’t Panic: Disney Officially Takes Over ‘Doctor Who’ with Showrunner’s Blessing

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David Tennant as the Doctor in the 60th anniversary special of 'Doctor Who', standing in the doorway of the TARDIS

Credit: BBC

Doctor Who is one of the most iconic science-fiction series in television history, and its legion of fans continues to prove that the Doctor and his companions will be with us long after his 15th, 16th, or even 100th regenerations. However, the BBC is getting a little magical help from the House of Mouse in this new incarnation.

David tennant as the fourteenth doctor in the trailer for the doctor who 60th anniversary special
Credit: BBC

Last holiday season, Disney+ gave Whovians around the world a massive Christmas present in the form of multiple special episodes featuring everyone’s favorite madman in the big blue box. They even brought back fan favorite David Tennant to reprise his most iconic role. However, Disney isn’t stopping there.

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As Ncuti Gatwa steps into the shoes left behind by Tennant’s Tenth/Fourteenth Doctor, there has undoubtedly been a significant shift in the show’s tone, design, and overall vibe since Disney took the reigns last year. Don’t believe us? Look at the footage below from the official channel for “Disney’s Doctor Who.”

When Disney Does Doctor Who


Everything is possible. #DoctorWho begins streaming Friday, May 10 on @Disney+

♬ original sound – Doctor Who on Disney+

Not only did the series get an official Disney-owned account, but so many elements in the footage feel like something more out of a Disney production than something from the BBC original. While the show is still the BBC’s property, there’s no doubt that Disney’s presence has greatly influenced the show’s new look, atmosphere, and the type of stories the new season wants to tell.

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Elements like the highly saturated colors, the frequent use of physical humor, the creature choice, and the overall zany nature of the sampling we saw over the holidays feel much more at home in a Disney production than anything Doctor Who has introduced before. Do we even need to mention the whole goblin musical number?

How Involved is Disney?

Doctor Who on Disney+
Credit: Disney

It was previously announced that Disney+ would be the primary place to catch the upcoming episodes of New Who, but distribution and accessibility is far from the only elements Disney is giving the show. In an interview with Russell T. Davies, the series showrunner shared that Disney had several “excellent notes.”

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Davies stated,

“People are, naturally, worried about American producers having notes on things. Well, don’t be,” [Disney is] giving excellent notes. And I’m here to tell you, you haven’t watched a drama on British television in 20 years that hasn’t had American notes on it. Everything is a co-production… it’s really, completely normal.”

Pair that with what Disney+ has shown thus far, and things begin to add up. The cartoonish nature presented by the new Doctor isn’t the only thing reminiscent of a Walt Disney Pictures production, and it seems like it will be right at home alongside Mickey Mouse and the Mandalorian. The new season drops May 10, 2024, and subscribers are in for a massive cosmic joyride this summer.

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