Disney Ceases Operations: Transportation on Indefinite Hiatus, Safety Compromised

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A Ferry boat taking guests from TTC to Magic Kingdom via a Disney transportation service.

Credit: Inside The Magic

The ongoing drought that is sweeping Orlando is causing a string of operational issues for Walt Disney World, and now, a new closure has been reported due to the lower water levels.

A monorail glides above a parking lot with a dramatic sunset in the background, highlighting a cathedral spire and lush trees in a serene urban landscape.
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When guests visit Walt Disney World, one of the main things that they can nearly always account for is rain. In Florida, it is normal to see a massive thunderstorm sweep any given city for a few hours with a heavy downpour and thunderous lightning, and then it will go away.

This is something that Walt Disney himself knew to expect when buying the Orlando plot of land for Walt Disney World, which is why so many attractions are located indoors, with indoor queues.

When the rain begins and lightning strikes, Disney cannot operate outdoor attractions for guest safety. This was most recently the case at Disneyland Paris, where a number of attractions were shut down.

By placing attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, and many more inside, the weather becomes a non-issue for many of the park’s operations.

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Florida’s tropical-style climate relies on constant rain to revitalize the lush greenery of the state, and Disney relies on rain to keep the water levels high.

As of late, there has been a severe lack of rain in the area, and now Fox has confirmed that there is an ongoing moderate drought, “The US Drought Monitor released its once-weekly Thursday update, and with dry conditions and no relief in sight, [Orlando] has been declared in moderate drought.”

Recently, we shared that the ferry boats that typically travel on the Sassagoula River from Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter Resort to Disney Springs were on an indefinite hiatus due to low water levels, this is in addition to the unexpected pool closure at French Quarter, which was announced unexpectedly after a recent multi-month refurbishment.

Sign on an easel stating "Disney sassagoula watercraft is unavailable at this time. Please use bus service until further notice." located inside a building with windows looking out to trees.
Credit: Inside The Magic

Now, the Amphicar Tours at Disney Springs located next to The Boathouse have also been confirmed to be on pause.

Inside the Magic received confirmation from cast members at The Boathouse that the low water levels have now become shallow enough that the small Amphicar rides cannot safely commence. Unlike the other Disney boat rides, the Amphicar Tours are not complimentary, as they are an attraction on their own.

Guests who wish to ride the Amphicar will have to pay $125 for the ride, which can fit between three and four guests at its maximum capacity. The ride usually lasts around 15 minutes.

Vintage Amphicar Tours in Disney Springs
Credit: Disney

There will be possible rain in the upcoming days, but it does not look like there will be enough definite rainfall to resume these boat cancelations.

Luckily, the ferry from the Ticket and Transportation Center to the Magic Kingdom has not been affected by the low water levels, nor have the Friendship Boats that travel to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT from the EPCOT surrounding resorts. If the lack of rain continues, however, that could possibly change.

This news comes after Inside the Magic reported that one of the monorail systems transporting guests to Magic Kingdom, Monorail Blue, was out of service for maintenance. Right now, the Disney Skyliner remains unaffected by any closures.

Guests are also still able to book a Minnie Van, which is Disney’s version of a ride-share option, much like Uber or Lyft to get around the property. Minnie Van services do come at an extra cost, between $30 to $70 on average, per ride. Minnie Van’s are driven by hired Disney cast members, however, who can ensure a magical ride, with excellent service.

If you are planning on visiting Walt Disney World Resort in the upcoming weeks and plan to use the waterways as a mode of transportation, keep an eye out for developments regarding their operational schedule.

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