Disney Cast Member Flattened in Bizarre Parade Accident

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Colorful, whimsical street in Shanghai Disneyland, styled like a cartoon with vibrant buildings, quirky sculptures, and playful architectural elements. Bright sky and empty path suggest a lively yet serene setting.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

At Shanghai Disneyland, the magic of Disney’s Zootopia comes to life during a special pre-parade event that captivates audiences of all ages. As part of the enchanting Disney parade experience, this unique addition celebrates the beloved characters and vibrant world of Zootopia in a spectacle of music, dance, and joy.

From the lively hustle and bustle on the streets to the elaborate costumes and choreography, the Zootopia pre-parade immerses spectators in the whimsical charm of this animal metropolis. Families and fans gather along the parade route, eagerly anticipating the arrival of their favorite Zootopia characters, such as Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, who bring laughter and excitement to the festivities.

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A nighttime scene of a large, illuminated Disney castle with blue and purple lights, surrounded by small buildings. Fireworks explode above the castle, casting a glow in the night sky.
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The dynamic energy of the performers, adorned in intricate animal-themed costumes, adds an extra layer of enchantment to the overall parade experience, creating a truly unforgettable moment for guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland Resort. However, during a recent performance of the parade, an unfortunate incident put a damper on the park’s atmosphere.

When Parade Entertainment Goes Wrong

Every year, millions of fans are overjoyed to experience the extremely seamless entertainment options available at the Disney Parks. Overall, Disney is known for their incredible professionalism and attention to detain when it comes to their character performers and shows worldwide.

Family enjoying a ride before Shanghai Disneyland bans wagons | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

However, on the rare off moment, character performers can suddenly be caught in a less than flattering moment. In the case of one recent performance at Shanghai Disneyland Resort, that error came in the form of one character’s face being completely smushed. Thankfully cast members at the scene were able to divert the attention away from such a horrific sight.

Social Media Video Shows Surprising Incident

A video was shared to social media, showing the aftermath of the moment when the Zootopia Day Special Pre-parade performer’s costume was injured. Immediatelty after the incident, a cast member can be seen quickly diverting the performer and their smushed face out of the parade and away from audiences.

While it is always a huge bummer when incidents like this happens, it just goes to show how important it is for cast members and character performers to be trained to handle themselves when malfunctions happen. Thankfully, this situation was able to handled and amended quickly.

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