Final Notice: Universal to Finalize Permanent Closure Within Weeks

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Jaws at the entrance to the ride at Universal Studios Japan

Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Universal is, once again, saying goodbye to Jaws forever.

Jaws at the entrance to the ride at Universal Studios Japan
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

If you love the Universal theme parks and grew up visiting Universal Orlando Resort, then you likely had the luck of being able to ride Jaws, based on the Steven Speilberg film of the same name.

Visitors boarded small tour boats that traveled through a lagoon, encountering various scenes and animatronics depicting the terror of a giant man-eating shark. The ride featured explosions, water effects, and even a dramatic finale where the shark would lunge out of the water toward the boat.

The attraction closed for several reasons. One significant factor was the maintenance and operational costs required to keep the aging animatronics and special effects functioning correctly. Additionally, the ride’s popularity had waned over the years, leading to decreased guest interest. Moreover, Universal Studios wanted to make room for new attractions with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that would appeal to modern audiences. Now, in Diagon Alley, there are even some small Easter eggs for the extinct attraction.

Jaws Ride
Credit: Universal

As a result, Jaws closed permanently in 2012. There have been sightings of Florida Bruce in the past after the ride shut down, but he was not looking in too good a shape. The animatronics for Bruce have been found abandoned and decaying, which is a sad thought considering how iconic the ride once was at Universal Orlando Resort.

While Orlando lost Bruce, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Universal Tram Tour still takes guests to Amity Island, where the bloodthirsty shark pops up out of the water and terrorizes guests. For those who loved the ride, however, there is still a remaining Jaws attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

The ride in Japan is similar to what was once in Orlando, except in this case, it hasn’t been knocked down to make way for a Harry Potter expansion. Universal Japan also has a ride and a quick-service dining location called Amity Landing Restaurant, which serves food themed to Jaws.

There was also a gift shop, but now, it has been confirmed that the gift shop is closing permanently.

steven spielberg in jaws robot
Credit: Universal

According to their website, Amity Island Gifts will close on May 6, 2024. The space will still be Jaws-themed, as it will be used for extra seating at Amity Landing Restaurant. The store has a lot of unique and location-specific Jaws merchandise. However, it will likely be relocated to one of the other gift shops at Universal Studios Japan.

Before this Jaws closure, we also shared that The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man has also shut down permanently. The licensing deal to use Spider-Man in Japan was coming to a close, so the theme park had no choice but to take down the ride. At the moment, we do not know what will take over the location; however, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) teamed up with The Pokémon Company back in 2021. However, this collaboration has so far been limited to character appearances and interactions within the park’s NO LIMIT! Parade.

This has fueled speculation among fans. Many believe a Pokémon-themed dark ride might be taking over the existing building once the Spider-Man attraction exits the park.

There will likely be some more Jaws presence at Universal Orlando Resort in the future, with a major announcement coming next Monday, April 29, 2024.

Universal teased what was to come in this “time capsule” style video, which hinted that there was going to be news surrounding E.T., Back to the Future, Jaws, Ghostbusters, Nickelodeon, as well as the new DreamWorks land.


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Today, Universal shared the next hint while using the Shark Tank pitch trend that has been going on online. Bruce is the second character in the skit, further pushing the Jaws return narrative. TikTok highlighted that the new announcements would encompass not only the DreamWorks land opening date but also new shows, parades, the summer tribute store, and more, which will likely contain all the IP listed above.


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