TikToker Threatened by Cast Member After Refusing To Stop Filming at Disney World

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A glimpse into the unexpected: guests experience a surprise during a disney attraction when things don't go as planned.

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A TikToker captured the moment they got stuck on a malfunctioning Carousel of Progress – and threatened by a cast member after he continued filming the attraction regardless.

Filming is a contentious issue at theme parks lately. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve covered guests continuing to film on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, despite the activity being explicitly banned on the attraction, and a guest being removed from a Six Flags after pulling out his phone to film on a roller coaster.

Star Tours.
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Unlike Six Flags and even Universal Orlando Resort, Disney does generally allow filming on its attractions (provided the cameras do not use flash). However, a video recently shared on TikTok shows a guest not only being told to stop filming but threatened with further action by cast members.

TikTok user @danddisney uploaded a video this week in which he and several other guests at Magic Kingdom Park found themselves stuck on a malfunctioning Carousel of Progress. In the video, the audio of multiple animatronics is notably incorrect (by which we mean terrifying).


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However, as @danddisney films, he and other guests are warned by cast members not to do so. “We would appreciate it if it was phones down for the rest of this performance,” one cast member says in an announcement via the loudspeaker.

The cast member goes on to explain that it’s impossible “to stop the Carousel of Progress once it’s in progress,” so guests will need to watch the remainder of the show – which (ironically) focuses on how advancing technology has improved the lives of Americans over the years – despite the malfunctions, but will receive complimentary Lightning Lanes at the end of the ride.

Nighttime view of the iconic Carousel of Progress attraction at Disney World, recently evacuated, featuring its futuristic architecture and illuminated signage.
Credit: Disney

When @danddisney continues to film, he is called out again – this time much more ominously – by the cast member. “To the man filming in the black jacket, please find a cast member at the end of the performance,” the cast member says.

The TikToker is yet to reveal if they did find a cast member at the end of the show. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard cast members get firm with guests filming a malfunctioning attraction or performance, with footage previously showing similar warnings after a ride broke down.

A family of four looks at their phone while visiting Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World.
Credit: Disney

With a bill contemplating the total ban of TikTok heading to the U.S. Senate soon having already passed the House, there’s a chance that Disney’s job may be done for them. Guests filmed at Disney World long before the existence of TikTok, but there’s no denying that the app’s existence has gone a long way in encouraging guests to whip out their phones more often – especially for something like an audio-animatronic malfunction that may go viral on the app.

Do you think filming should be allowed on Disney rides when they break down or malfunction? Let us know in the comments!

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