Beloved Disney Attraction Turns Terrifying After Recent Malfunction

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Credit: Disney

From Big Thunder Mountain to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, The Disney Parks are home to some of the most marvelous and magical attractions and rides in the theme park industry, but they are also home to some of the oldest in the business. Many of these vintage attractions require a lot of man-hours and mechanical know-how to keep running, and sometimes, that can result in horrific outcomes when things go wrong.

Carousel of Progress man sitting with a dog
Credit: Disney Parks

The Walt Disney World Resort holds one of Walt Disney’s original attractions, the Carousel of Progress. Although the attraction has one of the biggest fan followings, its internal workings are still stuck in the ’60s. Because of that, many of its original working parts still need extra attention for maximum efficiency.

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In defense of Walt Disney Imagineering, great efforts have been made to keep the attraction up and running, and much has been done to keep the animatronics working. However, as demonstrated by the footage below from @dandisney, it’s still prone to a few bugs.

Carousel of Progress Terrifies Guests



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Here’s the thing about Disney attractions, especially those with audio animatronics. Everything is orchestrated to the finite details. If one scene is off, the entire experience can be botched. Attractions like the Carousel of Progress are incredible mechanical feats, but they are still pieces of delicate machinery.

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This isn’t the first time this particular attraction has faced some ride-disrupting malfunctions, nor is it the first time in recent weeks. While it didn’t result in a massive evacuation as it has in the past, the footage above is still far from magical. You know it’s a big problem when the cast member asks for guests not to film with their phones.

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How cold hard truth that many hard-core Disney fans will simply have to accept is that the beloved yet dated attraction could be living on borrowed time. Although Disney has done wonders in maintaining it, this vision of the future is beginning to look foggier and foggier.

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