Kuzco, Villains and More Demanded for New Disney World Expansion

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Guests riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland

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With the recent developments surrounding Zootopia at Shanghai Disneyland, the animatronics of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, and even more Disney Park updates coming down the pipe, things are heating up at Walt Disney Imagineering. However, one mysterious Disney World project still hangs over everyone’s head, and the possibilities are endless.

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort as seen from an archway.
Credit: Disney

Disney has previously announced several projects in development or in their “Blue Sky” phase, one of which was the mysterious Beyond Big Thunder, a Magic Kingdom expansion rumored to be Walt Disney World’s biggest addition yet. However, things are being kept intentionally vague as Iger keeps his cards close to his chest.

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Per Deadline,

“You know, we have a lot of projects in development,” he said. “Many of them are known to us. But we disclose these at a cadence and when we really feel we’re ready, and we have something more tangible to show people.”

With permits in development for the swampland behind Frontierland (seen in Scott Gustin’s image below), a roughly 14-acre project is taking shape. The new development comes right at the heels of Universal Studios’ recent reveals for Epic Universe, and a magical turf war might be brewing. We have the where, and we have the why, but what exactly is going to fill up that space?

Disney World Goes Beyond Big Thunder

For reference, 14 acres is roughly the same size as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. That obviously covers a lot of ground, and anything can happen with that much space. While Disney has hinted at several projects involving Coco (2019) and Encanto (2021) in the past, even the greenest fan knows that the studio has much more to play with.

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It’s predicted that more will be revealed at this year’s D23 Expo, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t already making predictions and casting their lots with what they believe Disney has in store for this massive expansion. A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld had several users making their thoughts known—some nostalgic, some silly, and some that are more accurate than we might think.

If It Was Up To You…

Mickey Mouse in front of the Cinderella Castle inside the Magic Kingdom with a couple of children
Credit: Disney

u/WerkAngelica asks the question,

“If it was totally up to you, how would you theme the new expansion Beyond Big Thunder Mountain that is now certain to be coming?”

Although the original poster themselves admits to having a very nostalgic approach to their choices, listing off several ’90s properties that Disney should use, they spark a dialogue that garners several interesting responses in the comments beneath.

Credit: Disneyland Paris

u/Winnehdapoo writes perhaps the most realistic outcome when they add,

“Villains is honestly the best answer. They’re never going to do a whole villains park. This land is in the back corner of the park which makes sense for villains. It’s the correct park for it. It wouldn’t be tied to a specific IP which keeps it from becoming outdated and makes rethemes easy. Halloween parties sell out at Disney, HHN is popular at Universal, and people are excited for Dark Universe at Universal. The guests have been begging for a villains park for years. A large land is a good compromise.”

While no official announcement has been made by the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Imagineers have gone on the record expressing interest in a villain-themed park. Given the developments fans saw at events like Oogie Boogie Bash, it really wouldn’t be out of pocket to suggest that the Villains could be taking over.

Shooting Arcade exterior in Frontierland at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

Further down, u/BowTie1989 shares the need to expand Frontierland. The user writes,

“Make it a new Frontierland. Turn our current Frontierland in our own New Orleans square, making Tiana’s Bayou adventure a better fit in that area.”

“New attractions include a thrilling dark ride where you hop on your own cattle wagon to brave the dangers of the west, bandits, storms, wild animals, etc. Think of “Oregon Trail” just without the dysentery! Another attraction would be a somewhat educational ride. Think of it as another splash mountain, where you join Louis and Clark on a portion of their famous expedition and learn about their goals and experiences, with some thrills thrown in…”

Given that Walt Disney World did something similar with New Fantasyland in 2012, the idea that the company would want to do the same with another established land wouldn’t be so far-fetched. However, as many users point out, relying on IP might be what ultimately buries that notion.

tokyo disneysea 20000 leagues under the sea
Credit: Tokyo disneySEA

Back towards the top, u/ArtistBruce24 points out another previously used Disney concept that could do well, especially considering the recent developments in Disney’s Asian parks.

“Discovery Bay from Tony Baxter’s original concept idea with integration and lessons learned from Tokyo DisneySea. Rather than having a submarine voyage based on 20,000 Leagues, integrate Treasure Planet and have a coaster based attraction for it.”

Of course, the user also adds a suggestion to satisfy the IP need with,

“Or, if popular IP is desired, Kuzcotopia fit with a water ride, coaster, and scooter track as described by Kuzco. Have a restaurant with Kronk and Yzma as characters you can meet, similar to Tucker House, with an additional pie window for takeaway. Although I’d argue this may fit better at Blizzard Beach or Animal Kingdom.”

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While we won’t truly have an answer until Disney delivers it at D23, more than a few speculated pitches have legs to stand on. The only issue is that the ball is still in the mouse’s court. Even so, expectations for Beyond Big Thunder are more than a little high.

What’s your prediction for Beyond Big Thunder? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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