Horrifying Discovery Made on Ancient Disney World Dark Ride

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A scene depicting prehistoric humans in a cave, with one standing wearing animal skins and antlers while others sit by a fire, surrounded by cave paintings.

Credit: Disney

Guests are discussing one of the creepiest unknown facts about Walt Disney World.

A little girl looking up at Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort.
Credit: Disney

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Fans are discussing an incredible piece of history found within an ancient Disney attraction.  The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is filled to the absolute brim with iconic rides, spectacular attractions, and jaw-dropping scenery. From Cinderella Castle to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, there’s simply no end to the magical experiences that await guests. The same can be said for each and every theme park at Walt Disney World, including EPCOT.

EPCOT is very special, as its primary mission is to educate guests. EPCOT is practically a museum and a school in disguise, offering guests countless fun ways to learn more about the world. EPCOT has attractions based on space exploration, conservation, agriculture, and nature. However, one of EPCOT’s biggest pillars of education is found within Spaceship Earth.

Spaceship Earth opened alongside EPCOT in 1982, and while the attraction has undergone many changes, the spirit of the experience has remained the same, educating guests about the power and history of communication. Guests are transported through multiple periods of time and several different countries and continents on their journey. While dated, Spaceship Earth is one of Walt Disney Imagineering’s greatest creations, with the entire ride being inside the actual “EPCOT ball” guests see as they enter the park. Most rides and attractions have separate show buildings hidden by trees or other structures. However, the entirety of Spaceship Earth is found inside this massive sphere.

spaceship earth animatronics
Credit: Disney

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Spaceship Earth has undergone four major changes, with the most recent version of the ride opening in 2007. This upgrade brought new costumes, lighting, scenes, and a new musical score. Legendary actress Judi Dench narrates the experience as guests travel through several points in time. However, quite a few remnants of the older versions of Spaceship Earth are found within, with guests discussing a rather creepy reminder of what used to be.

Reddit user MesaVerde1987 recently shared a few photos of an older version of Spaceship Earth to the Walt Disney World community, accompanied by a brief explanation. As guests make their way to outer space during the ride’s grand finale, there are multiple remnants of the older version of Spaceship Earth.

While the ride is really dark during this time, guests can make out several objects, one of which used to be a space station.

The next time you ride Spaceship Earth, see if you can spot this creepy relic that’s hidden in plain sight.
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The original version of Spaceship Earth was intended to take guests to the surface of the moon, with several pieces of equipment and a space station placed above guests. If they look close enough, guests can even see the rocky and bumpy surface of the moon represented by cutouts. The tubular space station at the top held a small animatronic woman inside that guests could see as they make their descent back down, but Disney has long abandoned this woman and the space station.

According to the guest, the window that revealed the animatronic woman has been covered up since 1997, and only the animatronic’s skeleton remains. This is a rather creepy and terrifying fact about one of Disney’s most wholesome and educational experiences, with the robotic skeletal remains of a woman lurking in the dark right above guests’ heads.

Thousands of guests ride Spaceship Earth without knowing what lies within the darkness of the ride’s finale.

A similar situation is present in DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As guests encounter the second to last carnotaurus (the one that takes the photo), guests can spot a second carnotaurus lurking in the darkness to their left. This extra carnotaurus is used when there is a problem with the main animatronic to the right, but it always waits there in total darkness, making for one of the creepiest sights in all of Walt Disney World.

This story is also reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Park in California, which has long been rumored to have actual human remains inside the ride.

What’s your favorite dark ride at Walt Disney World?

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